Tuesday, March 6, 2018

A tweak here, and an adjustment there . . .

Starting a new project!! It will be a combination of just sewing and some quilting, too.... my pals Nora and Emmy will be getting into the act.

Have you seen the cute owl remote caddies that are on the interwebs and on Pinterest? I wanted to make one, so I scooted around and looked at all the different photos and the instructions. I'm gonna save you some time by posting some linkies here (plus that way I have given credit where credit is due, and we are all about that, here at the Lilypad!).

There's this one, and then there is this one, and even this one, too!

I just wasn't sure if any of these were just right for me. I wanted something smaller than the owl pillow looked, and I wanted to make certain that the remotes would stay put, too.

I began to audition fabrics while I cogitated (that's a technical word, there) on how to design it. 

Most of these are Quilters Candy fabrics, from our buddies at Connecting Threads....but y'all know me -- there's a scrap of my favorite designer, Mary Engelbreit, in there, too! (It's that polka dot at the bottom, in case you were wondering!)

And I printed out the pattern from that link I showed you, and began to cut out the pieces and consider the size....

I also was thinking about how this little guy would sit up. I got out my pellets and was thinking strongly about making a separate pouch for these, to go in the bottom of the owl before I stuffed it with polyfil.....that would help him sit firmly upright, and not fall over.

Once I cut out the four pieces of the pattern, I scooched (another technical term) the pieces together just a bit. See the arrows below?

That tweak will make him a bit smaller, more like an owl to sit on the couch, and less like an owl to be hugged....just sayin'. 

I'll keep y'all updated as this moves forward -- why don't y'all make one right along with me?(Grin)



  1. I recently used the pellets for a foxy softy. Love the remote holder idea, and will wait to see your " personal individual pattern" as it evolves or revolves.


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