Saturday, March 10, 2018

Lower case r

Spelling Bee Book by Lori Holt

(Before the merriment and mayhem begins, I'm required to tell you that this post may contain affiliate here for my full disclosure.)

It's Spelling Bee Saturday again!

Howdy, ya'll! Welcome back to the Lilypad!

We're happy to be participating in the Fat Quarter Shop Spelling Bee hop!

Now, right here at the start, they tell me I need to let you know...... there will be links in this post (like that photo up there) that are called affiliate links! If you click on one, it will whisk you away through cyberspace to our sponsor -- but don't get scared! It's painless! (The tiny amount of commission that I earn if you purchase something is painless, too, and doesn't raise your price even one penny!!)


Now that we have that out of the way, let's look at today's project! 

You may recall that we are working with these lovely fabrics:

And that I have the "help" of these boyz, when they are not diving in my buttons....

 ...or making lassos from my trims.....gotta play cowboys and round up those steers, don't ya know?

I'd like to introduce those of you who've not visited before, to our little world.....
Here in the corner of our sewing room is a recent project that we helped tell everyone about....the Jelly Roll Railway pattern from the Fat Quarter Shop. 

Here are my faithful sewing companions. Nora is my circa 1950 sewing machine, and the lovely lamp beside here is named Emmy, for the Mary Engelbreit decorations on her!

Now, I hope that you are sewing along with us, because I think Spelling Bee is the best book from Lori at Bee In My Bonnet yet!! Sew much fun!

There, in all its glory, is my lower case "r"!!
It went together very easily, with the clear instructions in the book. Like I said before, I love how the book lies flat, even with the pages turned back to your selected letter:

I can think of so many cute projects for these letters....and the other patterns in the book are inspiring, too...

Get a copy of Spelling Bee for yourself and join in the fun!!



  1. I had thought your helpers might just be the feline sort!!! Love your boys as they sit and ponder for you!!!


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