Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Some fabric and a road map

I won! I won!


I want to show you what I did win, and then give you a map to a destination that you will really like!

The fabrics that I won are "Golden Holiday" by Benartex . . . I won the Benartex "Deck the Halls" giveaway and received these delectable fat quarters!

Thanks, Benartex! They're beautiful!

Aren't they gorgeous? 
Want a closer look? 
You know you do!

Look at the beautiful metallics incorporated into the fabrics . . . 

Now I am thinking of how to work those into a Christmas project!

While I work on that, you should follow this link: Click on this link!

See, I told you I would give you a map -- that will take you to Chris Dodsley's blog, called Made by Chrissie D.

There are so many great tutorials on Chris' blog, from repairing a well-loved quilt to mastering many different types of pillows and cushions!

I'm inspired by Chris' tabletopper (could also be a wall-hanging) for the hop, that I think I will make that with these sparkly fabrics!

Be sure to scoot over and say hello to her -- I know you will find lots to look at there!



  1. Beautiful fabrics, and you so deserve a win for yourself. The map, what a place to find, good directions, and goodies at the end.Thanks for the link.

  2. Congrats on your win! Thanks for the "map"!

  3. Congratulations Jacque. They are gorgeous fabrics.

  4. Those are very pretty. I am off to look at Chris's blog

  5. Oooo! Aaaa! That's a happy win for sure! They'd make into a beautiful Christmasy Dresden. I'll be going over to check out Chris' blog now.......

  6. So glad your FQs arrived safely and I love being the destination on your road map. I've returned the shout out here on my facebook page - Chris :D


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