Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Got scraps?

Silly question!

(Photo courtesy of Film in the Fridge)

Of course we have scraps! (Grin)

I have a wonderful way for you to use them!

See these adorable babies sleeping snuggled with a heating pad?

I'll pawse for a moment so you can "Awwwww."

These adorable babies were rescued from a puppy mill in Florida, and the folks at Quilt Pattern Magazine's Small Kennel Quilt Team have asked for everyone that can help, to grab some stash and put the pedal to the metal! These cuties need some small kennel quilts to soften their beds -- they need to be washable and sturdy!

Here is a link to the form that you can print and include with your kennel quilt.
Check out this link for some great instructions, and be sure to photograph your donations and post them on the Facebook page. 
Here is the address to ship your finished small kennel quilts:

Alaqua Animal Refuge
914 Whitfield Road
Freeport, FL 32439

We can all feel good about helping with this effort!



  1. Ahh. So adorable. Glad these sweet babies were rescued. Great idea to make them baby (puppy) quilts. I think I have some perfect fabric.


  2. Cute babies! Glad they have a good home! Our girlscouts troop will be preparing these for local places of need as well. What a wonderful benefit to our furry friends!


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