Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Cabin Fever Party 2017 - and a giveaway!

This linky party was so much fun a couple of years ago -- let's do it again!

Here's the thing: it's winter here in the Continental US. Uggh.

It's cold. Double Uggh.

It's wet and icy a lot of times. Yuck!

So we tend to stay inside and drink lots of warm drinks, run around in our bunny slippers when we can, and sew a LOT!!

That leads to two things . . . one is getting a lot of our projects done (YAY!) and the other is . . .

Cue the ominous music here.


I feel like I must digress just a little at this point. Having raised three kiddos, every time I hear the phrase "cabin fever" I think of the Muppets. So I'll let that sink in for a minute.

You now will sing that all day.
You're welcome.
Now, I asked our fabulous sponsor, Green Fairy Quilts, to help us with a prize, because this is a linky party and it's more fun when there's a prize to win. (Grin)

Green Fairy has an awesome variety of fabrics and designers -- new stuff arriving every day! And get this -- shipping is only $2.95 in the United States!

Want to win a $25 gift certificate to their shop?

Woot! That got your interest!

Here's what you need to do, if you'd like to join our party, and if you'd like to win!
First, link up to our party, down below.
Tell us what you are up to. What are you working on? A new project? An old one? A new technique or skill?
Then, hop around to all the other linkies and say "howdy!"

And here is how you can enter to win:
1. Comment to alert me that you have linked up your blog, Google Plus page, or Flickr page.
2. Comment again if you are a follower. (Optional)
3. Comment again if you have signed up to receive Green Fairy's newsletter. (They don't spam you.)
4. Check out the pre-cuts arriving at Green Fairy and tell me which is your favorite!
5. If you have hopped around and said "howdy!" to all of the linky participants, comment to tell me that.

Easy peasy!
Five entries in the contest if you like . . . oh! If you tell others about it on your blog, Twitter, or Facebook page, that gets you one more entry -- just comment to let me know!
(PLEASE leave your email in your comment , like this: person(at)gmail(dot)com, so I don't have to draw another name, OK? We don't want you to miss out on the prize, if your name is chosen, and I can't get in touch with you!)

One other thing...if possible, put a link to allow folks to hop back here to the Lilypad, OK? Thanks! We'll leave this party rocking for a week, so everyone can join the fun, and then we'll ask Mr. Random to choose a winner!

Good luck, everyone! Let's get rid of our cabin fever by partying!