Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Templates and patterns winners!!

Once again, I would like to give a great, big Lilypadquilting "THANK YOU!!" to our sponsor, the Fat Quarter Shop. They made it possible to have this giveaway!

And I'd like to say another big "THANK YOU!!!" to all of you wonderful peeps who gave me advice on how to get better! I am indeed better now, and appreciate all of the great tips and remedies! I believe it was the honey and lemon that helped the most, and I also scrounged around in my medicine cabinet and came up with a jar of Vicks! Huzzah!

Seriously, I thank all of you for your good wishes. Things are rocking again here at the Lilypad!

I know that y'all are anxious to hear who our two winners may be! Let's let Mr. Random Number Generator work his magic . . .


Gene Black and Anita at Domestic Felicity are our winners! I hope that they will show us what they make with their prize packages!

And if you would like a set of templates for your very own, be sure to visit the Fat Quarter Shop at this link that will take you right to them!

More fun coming soon!



  1. Thank you And the Fat Quarter Shop.

  2. Congrats to Gene and Anita. If anything else fails, you can combine the lemons, add some eggs, butter and sugar and make what we call "Lemon Honey" a yummy delicious spread .So glad you are on the improving ladder.

  3. I am so glad you are better! Congrats to the winners

  4. Congratulations to the lucky winners. Glad to hear you are feeling better and hope you never ever get sick again.


  5. Wonderful to hear you are feeling better! Oddly enough... I've read of another great remedy for coughs if that is still lingering with you. It is 5x more effective than cough syrup. I haven't tested it...Pineapple juice is obviously loaded with Vitamin C but also contains antioxidants. Thanks for the win! I've been wanting to try the peels. I am excited!


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