Thursday, January 19, 2017

Forever, Moses

The studio seems empty now, even with me, Padsworth, and DragonDrop in it. 

There's a certain warmth missing that only cat fur and purrs can give it. Our Official Studio Cat, Moses, gave up his brave fight with cancer during the night. 

Just that day, he'd enjoyed his usual porch time, lying on a blanket in a puddle of sunshine, alert and listening and watching as the birds and squirrels did their best to entertain.

He didn't purr last night when we tucked him in, and we suspected the end was near. His eyes were dilated, and we said soft goodbyes and stroked his fragile head. 

He crossed the Rainbow Bridge during the night hours, and we mourn the loss of a good friend of sixteen years. It helps the hurt we feel, if we remember the good times, instead of the cancer, the medicine, and the wobbly legs.

Moses was indeed rescued, just like the baby he was named for. Our dog Pepper brought him home from a feral cat's litter. We could tell by the remainder of the coating on his fur that he was only hours old when she carefully placed him in her house, nestled in the cedar shavings.

Several weeks of determined care began and continued, as we syringe and dropper-fed him, kept him warm under a light, and carried him in our shirt pockets to keep him from being too alone.

He grew into an impressive man-cat (fixed) and enjoyed rock-star status at mousing.

 He had a tendency to let his guard down when Padsworth and DragonDrop were in the studio, and their high-jinx entertained everyone here at the Lilypad.

Sometimes he had to spend some time in time-out, but not very often.

Like any cat, he loved an occasional excursion into the catnip . . .

And he had one of the best "disapproval" stares around here.

Somehow, he always kept his "kitten" face, and didn't mind a bit acting younger than his age.

He took his role as Official Studio Cat very seriously. He was one of the best at rearranging quilt blocks.

I know that many of you feel certain that you have the Best Cat Ever. But I have to tell you, Moses took that title years ago.

It hurts my heart to know I won't hear your throaty, purred greeting in the morning anymore. And we will miss your climbing up into our laps to investigate what we are eating, as we sit in the recliners. But we know Pepper was glad to see you. And we know that now you're across the Bridge, you don't hurt anymore -- and you don't need that Terrible Tasting Medicine.

Until I get to heaven, Moses, you make sure that you do a good job mousing. And rearranging the angels' quilt blocks.

You're our Moses, forever.


PS Many thanks to those of you who sent purrs and prayers when Moses was first diagnosed. Your warmth and friendship brightened our days.


  1. So sorry for your loss and gentle hugs to all.

  2. Tears for your sweet boy and hugs for you. So sorry.

  3. Remember the purrs in the ears and all of the "kneading" love

  4. My heart hurts for you, I wish there was something to help ease your pain. I'm so sorry.

  5. Peace be with you my friend. Warm hugs to you all. Losing a family member is hard - and Moses obviously was part of the family.

  6. Moses was indeed a special kitty, chosen for you by Pepper! I didn't know the story of his start in life! You took wonderful care of him and I know you will miss him dreadfully. This is a lovely tribute and we send gentle hugs and purrs to you ❤️❤️❤️

  7. Tears. And more tears. Oh Moses...I am relieved that you don;t hurt any more but I am grieved for your family sweet boy. Please accept my condolences Jacque. What a beautiful memory you posted for us and we can see how he got his name. It was meant to be xxx

  8. Snoodles I am so sorry for your loss. It is the worst thing about our fur babies that they don't stay with us forever. At least he is out of pain which I know is no consolation for your pain now. It was a lovely tribute to him. Lots of Hugs, Susie x

  9. So very sorry, Jacque. It's hard to lose a good friend. You gave him a good life.

  10. Moses, pain free and with friends, he had the best life with you, photos and stories shared with us, he leaves a huge gap in all our lives.Caring thoughts as you have this massive sadness, with memories of all those wonderful days together .Hugs and love from NZ.

  11. Moses was such a purrfect cat, so filled with fun and love. I didn't know his sweet story of how he got his name, nor how Pepper brought him home. Thanks for sharing. Very special in deed. I am truly sorry for your loss. I know it hurts. But think of all the love and happiness you had with Moses for 16 years. You provided him a loving forever home as he will always be in your heart. Big hug.


  12. Rest in peace, sweet boy.

    This is a beautiful memorial.

  13. I am so sorry for your loss. I know when you nurture a kitten from birth, it forms a certain bond with you. I think it is awesome how Pepper rescued him.

  14. So sad to hear about Moses. Literally, I'm sitting here crying after reading your post. It brings back the pain of losing my Boomer three and a half years ago. I still cry for him almost weekly. Things will get better for you, and hopefully you will find a new kitten or two to love - it does help (in time). Hugs...

  15. I too, am shedding tears for you and Moses. He was a handsome loving friend. purrs and hugs

  16. I am sorry for your loss. You have some great memories and your loving care gave him many years that he may not otherwise have had.

  17. I'm so sorry too for the loss of your beloved Moses. It is so hard to watch them age and leave us behind.


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