Sunday, January 29, 2017

Flip it over!

I've been enjoying my "slow stitching" each evening . . .

(I neglected to tell you that I'm using Number 8 Presencia threads.) 

What's going in those blocks with the white space in the center?


Hearts of all kinds, and maybe sizes, too. I'm going to freehand them, and here is the first one:

Sort of makes me think of an ivy vine -- they will all be different. I have five squares to play with, so one heart might have some flowers, this one has leaves, and one block might get a whole slew of hearts!

But here is the fun part . . . remember I told you that I liked how the back was looking?

Take a peek!

Isn't this fun? I need to do a better job of bumping up the contrast, I think. My next post will have better photos!

Stay tuned!



  1. It is looking so good! Great job on the free hand hearts!

  2. Lovely heart, and the back, a delight to see.

  3. It looks wonderful and I love the idea of different hearts in each, it sounds like fun :)

  4. I'm loving your big stitch hand quilting! Wow! That heart is done freehand?! It looks so perfect. Mine would be wonky hearts for sure. LoL. Your stitching is amazing!

  5. It looks beautiful and I love your heart. The idea of different hearts is fun.


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