Thursday, August 25, 2016

It's time to vote! Who will win the Pets on Quilts show? (Closed now)

Voting is closed now.

Have you enjoyed our show this year? We've had so much fun!

Lots of cute pups, kittens, even fish and elephants!

Now it's time to vote . . .

Let me explain how we will do this:

1. You will need to decide which post you think is the very best for each of the four categories; dog on quilt, cat on quilt, other animal on quilt, and pet-themed (animal themed) quilted project.

2. Leave a comment on this post with your four selections, like this:
              dog - number 4392
              cat - number 1905
              other animal - 744
              pet-themed project - 216

Got it? Great!

Now, here is where it's going to get interesting -- you are not required to have a viewer's choice winner to get a prize . . .  in fact, you don't even have to enter a project in the show!

Have you visited all of the linkies and left comment love on all of them that you could? Leave me a comment to tell me, and that's another entry in the drawing!

Are you a follower here at the Lilypad? Let me know in another comment -- you just earned another entry!

(Isn't this easy?)

Did you post our button on your blog? Did you post on Facebook to let others know about the show? Those will get you more entries, too! In fact, each of those will get you five more entries!

Now, I won't be able to answer all of these comments, but I will check them all out (and yes, I will check to see if you have been a PR Angel!).

Now, let the voting begin!
We will leave the voting open for a week. Then Padsworth, DragonDrop, and I will sharpen our pencils and start to tally the results!
Good luck, everyone!