Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Hoffman sponsors again this year!

You know a party is fun, when folks come back each year, right? Well, we are proud to announce that a long-time sponsor is helping us again this year!

The Hoffman Fabrics team is with us again! And wait till you see the lovely prize they are offering to one of our lucky winners later this month!

But before I show you that (I'm such a tease) I want to tell you about the company and the fabrics. I used to be unaware of batiks and their beauty. Yes, I will admit to being uninformed and definitely lacking in an adventurous spirit when I began quilting! But now I am an avid admirer of these gorgeous fabrics!

Batiks are the result of many hours of design work, and many hours of painstaking process to create the beauty that we love in yardage and pre-cuts. Hoffman is the result of ninety (yup, I said NINETY!) years as the leader in producing screenprint and Bali batiks. It's still a family owned business!

I think the process is fascinating . . . want to see how they are made? Check out this video!

Isn't that amazing? It truly gives me even more appreciation for these lovely fabrics.

I'm especially impressed with their capital investments and efforts to be good stewards of the environment. Check out the water treatment video, that shows how they return the water, free of waxes and dyes, to be used safely.

Hoffman is the only manufacturer of batik cottons that has a system like this, to protect the environment and the people living in the area.

OK, so now you are a little more educated about batiks, and about Hoffman.  Would you like to see the prize package that Hoffman is sponsoring? I thought so!

Michele and the team at Hoffman are going to send one lucky winner a kit to make the Forest Friends quilt! 

By the way, if you just can't stand the wait, and are totally inspired by this, check out this and all their other FREE (I knew that would get your attention!) patterns at this link!

This kit will feature the digital-print collection Forest Friends, illustrated by Connie Haley, and will include selected Hoffman Bali Watercolors to create this beauty!

I have a feeling that I'm only talking to a few of you peeps now, the rest of you are over looking at the free patterns and the gorgeous batiks at Hoffman California International Fabrics!

That's OK! If you have a moment could you stop by their Facebook page and thank them for sponsoring?

(Waving) Thank you, Hoffman, for your continued sponsorship of our show! We could not do this without you!



  1. Their batiks are my favourites, and the process is long, exacting and so specialised. True craftsmen and ladies who make the fabrics what they are, and a wonderful sponsor. Thanks for all the links and the freebees.

  2. I also love Hoffman batiks and hand dyed fabrics. The quality and colors are amazing. I also learned from Hoffman that you can buy the prepared for dyeing (PFD) fabric, which is the same fabric they use to create their beautiful batiks. This fabric is a gorgeous white, of high quality threads, that also looks great with batiks, or anytime you want to use white fabric. Most white fabric is always so thin, I now opt to use Hoffman's PFD as my #1 choice.


  3. What a fun kit for some lucky quilter!
    I do love batiks and always have. Hoffman makes some beautiful batiks.

  4. wow these videos are great. thanks for sharing.

  5. Thank you for the education. Hoffman is a great company to take care of both the employees and environment and still produce a beautiful product!


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