Monday, July 25, 2016

Terry Stegmiller sponsors again!

Terri Stegmiller sponsored a prize last year, and she is back this year for the fun! Terri is a talented designer, and dreams up beautiful and sometimes whimsical patterns for lovely quilted projects. Take a peek over her shoulder and see what I mean!

Isn't that the cutest? Love how one kitty is expressing his individuality. We all know a cat like that, am I right? That is called "Purrfectly Patterned" and it was accepted to "Patterns," the 2016 Dinner at Eight Artists exhibition, which will debut at the Houston International Quilt Festival this fall.

I first "met" Terri in blogland when I had the honor of testing a pattern for her. Remember this wallhanging?

It was so much fun to make! I added some 3D touches, and I love how Terri's design really brings those kitties to life!

Terri is an artist and designer, and her focus is on textile arts -- she is multi-talented and works in art quilting, painting, stencils, and more.

She offers tutorials on her blog for projects that we can all enjoy. The tote bag above is one of those tutorials.

The photo above is from her thread sketching tutorial. You can learn from her tutorials how to bucket dye, to make faux batik fabric, and to construct a folio, an eyeglass case, or a pillow cover!

Have you ever wanted to sun dye fabrics? Or have you wanted to print on fabrics? You will find instructions and inspiration in Terri's world!

I enjoy keeping up with Terri's blog, and I hope you will hop over to see her. It's particularly interesting to see how she uses stencils and Thermofax screens to make lovely, one of a kind fabrics. 

And speaking of one of a kind fabrics, just take a peek at the prize that Terri is providing for one lucky winner at our Pets Show in August:

May I hand you a tissue? You are drooling on your keyboard. (Grin)

Those gorgeous fabrics are the bundle of fat quarters that Terri is sponsoring. Beautiful!

I'd like to encourage everyone to check out Terri's web site, and her blog, too.  (While you are there, sign up for her newsletter. Inspirational!) 
Take a cyber trip and visit her shop, and be sure to look on her tutorial page for the videos she has posted. There's one of her creating one of her art pieces -- and it's fascinating to watch!

Thank you so much, Terri! We love our sponsors, and appreciate your sponsoring a prize again for our Show!



  1. What a wonderful sponsor. And I'm thrilled to know her quilt will be at Houston this year. Double Yeah!


  2. So talented, and lots of examples, love that thread stitching, and a tote with all instructions, generosity in what we call down here " spades",( meaning given as a great abundance). Another wonderful quilter , designer and fabric artist who shares with us all.


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