Monday, July 18, 2016

Clever Tools sponsors again! Huzzah!

Clever Tools sponsored a prize for our show before . . . they are back for more fun this year!

Not to bore you with details, but a degenerative condition in my thumbs was really making my free motion quilting a chore. A painful one.  Quilting is supposed to be fun, right? (Grin)

Enter Ellen Holder of Clever Tools! She's invented the "Grip and Stitch" tool for us quilters!

What exactly are "Grip & Stitch" discs? Check out the Frequently Asked Questions on the Clever Tools site!

This brought the joy back to my quilting!

Padsworth thinks they are "ribbet-worthy" too, and not just because of their cute mascot!

These look deceptively simple -- but what a difference they make! With my gloves, I was still in pain. The Grip & Stitch pieces are so easy to hold, and they do an awesome job of moving the fabric sandwich around with a minimal amount of effort from me! 

No pain, just fun again!

I love 'em!  I hope you will click over to Clever Tools and watch the video, and maybe order a set for yourself! (A portion of the proceeds goes to a non-profit that supports Camp Korey and also American Hero Quilts.) 
And one lucky prize winner in August will get a set of these!

(Waving) Thank you, Ellen, for sponsoring a prize at our August Pets Show! Can't wait to see what new products you dream up next!



  1. I am so sure that when something as good as these appears, a fellow quilter is behind it all.What a great idea.

  2. I used these also and LOVE them. I have arthritis in my hands and have found them very helpful!


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