Wednesday, July 22, 2015

PR Angels for the Pet Show

Ladies and gents!

Start your engines!

(Grin) I just like the sound of that.

It's almost time for the Pets on Quilts Show for 2015! The official start date for our linky party is August 17th!

Now is the time to coax your furbaby onto one of your special quilted creations, and snap a photo. They may be a little confused at first, if you routinely shoo them off the quilts to work on them, but give them a little time to warm up to it. You'll get a great picture!

Are there any who would like to earn extra entries in the prize drawings?

You can be a PR Angel!  Our angels spread the word about the show -- they post the button to get more folks interested.

Post it on your blog.

Post it on your Flickr page.

Post it on Facebook.

For each place that you spread the word, you will receive ten (10) more entries in the prize drawings!

Here is how it works:

The show begins on the 17th of August, and everyone has a chance to join the linky party -- you may have one blog post entry, and one Flickr entry.
The show will continue for about a week, and then voting begins. There will be Viewer's Choice prizes for several categories (Best dog on quilt, best cat, etc). After those prizes are awarded, a random drawing will determine who wins the other prizes!

See?  Easy Peasy!! Now, the button and the code are up on the right hand sidebar here at Lilypadquilting, so go forth and spread the word! When the voting is going on, we'll confirm who our PR Angels are, and add those to our random drawings!

Better hop to it, and get those pictures ready!