Wednesday, July 8, 2015

A new sponsor! Welcome Terri Stegmiller!

Some of you may recall previous parties, er posts here at the Lilypad, where we had the pleasure of testing a pattern by Terri Stegmiller. You can click here on this link and here on this one, too, to refresh your memory -- that pattern was adorable, as so many of Terri's pieces are!

Terri is a talented designer of art quilts and fabric creations and she's an expert at mixed media, too!

I hope that you will click to go over to her shop, and take your time . . . look around. You just may find something that says, "I want to come home with you!"

Check out this link to her blog, and take a peek at all of the tutorials! So many inspiring things to try!

I know you will enjoy getting to know Terri.

Terri is sponsoring our Pets on Quilts show next month! Guess what!   TWO of our lucky winners will receive this cute pattern to create!

Thank you, Terri! We love and appreciate our sponsors!

Are all of you Lilypadquilting peeps getting ready for the show?



  1. Beautiful Patterns! Thank you Terri! (And Jacque!)

  2. How can I become a sponsor?

  3. Beautiful patterns! Can't wait to make the trio of cats being the owner of a few cats! Thank you


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