Monday, July 6, 2015

Green Fairy Quilts is sponsoring the Pet Show (in August)!

Most of you know who I'm talking about when I mention Green Fairy Quilts, right? A lovely couple: she is a talented long-arm quilter, published writer and mom, and he is an awesome hubby, dad, and online store manager! Yay! Meet Clint and Judi!
They have sponsored our Pet Show before, and they are back to help us with Round Three! Pets on Quilts 2015!
I sure hope that you are signed up to receive their email alerts -- they won't spam you, and you will be ever so glad when you get word of their super sales!
 (Pssst! Right now you can get that jelly roll of Quattro for just $26.55!!)
And when they let you know some new fabrics have arrived!
(These Frivols are adorable -- cute tins with gorgeous pre-cuts nestled inside!) Click here to be whisked through cyber-space to see them!)
Clint and Judi are also the founders of a wonderful humanitarian effort called Green Fairy Quilts Charity . . . you can read all about it by clicking on this link.
Green Fairy Quilts is sponsoring a wonderful prize for one lucky winner in August!
Just look at that Christmas yumminess -- a jelly roll of Evergreen!

(Waving) Thanks, Green Fairy Quilts, for being such a great sponsor!
Hop over there and check out the store -- and tell 'em Snoodles and Padsworth sent you!