Sunday, June 15, 2014

It's coming in August!

We're gearing up for the annual Pets on Quilts Show!!

Those of you that have been hopping around the lilypad with us for a while know all about the Pets on Quilts Show.

If you aren't familiar with it, you can click on those tabs at the top of the page, and see our previous shows -- woot! We sure have a lot of fun!

It's one of the best linky parties ever!


Because we share pictures of our favorite furry (and sometimes not so furry) friends, our pets, and our quilts, too!

Huge Lilypadquilting Thank You's to our dear friend SewCalGal who sent the graphic to us a while back . . . Padsworth and DragonDrop gave it their blessing and we're making our plans to have a badge for all of you to place on your blogs!

(Waving) Thanks, SewCalGal! You're the best!

So, while we are making our plans for badges, prizes, and more merriment and mayhem, y'all start looking around at your quilts. And your pets. And your cameras (or your phones).

Start thinking up creative ways to display both the quilts and the pets in pictures . . . and we'll see yours in August!



  1. Got that cute button up on my sidebar!

  2. Yeah! My favorite show, I'll start stalking the terrible twins :)

  3. Definitely my favorite quilt show and I'm looking forward to it very much. Just keep me posted how I can help.


  4. Hi Snoodles Treacle and I can't wait and I need to get some things finished and soon!!!!!! Thanks for the advance warning. Susie x

  5. I have always enjoyed this Pets on Quilts...thanks for sponsoring it.

  6. Can't wait!! I put your badge on my blog!!!

  7. It will be fun to see. We don't have any pets in our house yet (other than the stuffed kind) but maybe eventually we will and then I can play too.

  8. I usually have a good look around at the participants, but this year, having made a quilt, I might actually be able to join in! Bet you can't wait to see a pic of my giraffe on a quilt?


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