Wednesday, June 25, 2014

We're all steamed up . . .

. . . about our second sponsor for the Pets On Quilts Show!

Please put your paws together, and bark, meow and whinny for the gang at I Have a Notion, "Your source for machine embroidery, quilting, and needle art supplies." It's an awesome online store that you can find at this link.

Kelly and her crew of elves take great pride in their extensive inventory of goodies for us quilters and sewists, and they simply obsess over each order, making certain it's perfect! I've gotten some wonderful tools from Kelly, and I can vouch for the fact that her prices are super and her customer service (there's those elves again) is top-notch!

You 'll notice when you land on the IHAN site that Kelly stocks a world of different things!

Fabrics to drool over

Rulers to keep us straight

New, innovative products to make our quilting time even more fun!
Going on a retreat? Kelly has bags for your machine to travel in style!

Those of us who have followed Kelly's blog for a while, know that she is the Queen of Scissors and stocks an awesome selection of scissors and cutters for any and every requirement! (Just ask her about that incredible apron with scissors on it!)
Would ya like to know the prize that Kelly is providing? Well, our title is a clue. (Grin) We're all steamed up because I Have a Notion is sponsoring a Reliable Velocity V50 iron!


In addition to being pretty, these irons live up to their name -- they're very reliable! (Consumer Reports gave them a "very good" rating, but who needs them?  All we need to know is that Kelly at I Have a Notion says this is her very favorite iron!)

This one has lots of bells and whistles: two heating elements for continuous steam, an auto shut off that can be bypassed (super for us quilters when we are pressing stacks of blocks, right?), and absolutely no spitting or leaking!

Wow! A big Lilypadquilting "thank you!" to Kelly and her elves at the I Have a Notion store! I'm looking forward to seeing who is the lucky winner of the Reliable iron, at the Pets on Quilts Show in August!
Be sure to stop by Kelly's blog, too: click here to hop over. She and her co-workers have lots of fun, and you can sign up for her newsletter, too, so that you'll be in the know about new items and sales! (MJ, we are sending hugs and positive thoughts and prayers your way!)


PS. We'll award the prize by random drawing to a Pet Show winner in the US, due to shipping costs!


  1. Great prizes, I would love to have the pins!

  2. Hooray for Kelly and IHAN for sponsoring. I know they give great service. And I happen to know that this iron is wonderful. I have one.

  3. Can't wait for this year's show. :) Adorable button for it!! Putting it on my sidebar now.

  4. I need to start working on my photos for my entry!

  5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  6. I look forward to this event all year


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