Friday, May 30, 2014

Birthday Loot

You can't have her! She's my sister, and I will NOT share! (Grin)
I've told y'all before that I have the bestest sister in the world, and she recently gave me a wunnerful, wunnerful birthday present!
It was a certificate so I could fabric shop! Yay! (And that way, I didn't break my use-my-stash vow!)

I thought I would show you the lovely things I got! I was happy dancing when I realized that the fabrics that I wanted already, had been placed on clearance!


Check out this beauteous stripe:


Then let's pair it with some brights!

I should have warned you, shouldn't I? Watch out, you're drooling on my fabrics! (Grin)

Ooooh, this stripe caught my eye, too:

Think I'm getting too sedate?

Haha! Check out how these make it pop!


Now it's off to my sketchbook to see which of my designs I will work on . . .



  1. That's OK - I have all the stripes and little dots myself - couldn't pass on those sales.

  2. Wonderful sister and wonderful fabrics! Your fabric choices make me smile...can't wait to see what you make!

  3. Wow, beautiful! I do want your sister, you wouldn't have to give her up just a quick adoption would work :)

  4. Can I just adopt her for the month of September?

  5. Love your fabric choices. Could your sister send my brother some tips on how to be a truly amazing sibling?

  6. Great present and I love what you chose to buy

  7. Happy Birthday! Your sister just gets you. Perfect present, great choices.

  8. Hi Snoodles, Hap, Hap, Hap, Happy Birthday!!!!! Love that fabric especially the star ones what a lovely sister you have. Susie x

  9. Heehee! Love your choices! And I love you!
    Can't wait to see what you make with them.
    You were the best birthday present I ever got - can't wait til I move closer and we can share a birthday cake again!

  10. Sure you won't share???? What a haul!!

  11. Great choices. I have a few of those and I will tell you, the stripes make great bindings.


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