Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Fat Quarter Shop exciting giveaway!

Around here, we are so grateful and proud to have some incredible sponsors! One of the first sponsors to hop on board here at the Lilypad was Fat Quarter Shop, and they are still hanging in here with all of the merriment and mayhem that we dish out!

Fat Quarter Shop is always a generous sponsor of our annual August event, the Pets on Quilts Show, too, and we appreciate their help in raising awareness of rescuing pups and kitties that need loving homes.

They (Kimberly and the crew at Fat Quarter Shop) have dreamed up an enormous giveaway event that is coming soon -- I wanted to let you know right away!

(Drum roll, please!)

Announcing the 2014 Mega Quilt Market Sweepstakes!!

Padsworth and DragonDrop are doing cartwheels here; they are so excited.
If y'all will calm down a little, I will tell you the details. (Grin)

There's over six thousand dollars of prizes up for grabs! (Yes, I really mean more than $6,000!) The prizes will be divided into twelve buckets for twelve lucky winners!

No, no, not that kind of bucket.

Not that kind, either!  Those are empty!!

I mean buckets full of this:

And this:
And this, too:

Now I can see some happy dancing going on!

You can enter every day from now until 11:59pm CST on June 30, and complete the survey. Here's a linkie so you can hop right over there!

Be sure to check out the video that shows all the prizes -- but be forewarned, you might drool on your keyboard at all the lovely prizes!

Twelve winners will randomly selected and announced on July 1.

(Waving) Thank you to all of the wonderful folks at the Fat Quarter Shop! What an awesome giveaway -- there are quilters around the world that will be dreaming about buckets of prizes now! (grin)



  1. Thanks so much for spreading this great news

  2. Ooooooooh! what a generous giveaway. Thankyou for telling us. Drool Drool.

  3. This is such an amazing giveaway. Even us Aussies can enter!

  4. I'll say awesome giveaway. Absolute amazing.


  5. Fun! I would have called the second one a pail! haha


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