Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Golden Quilter Awards

Hi everybody! Padsworth here!

I have an important announcement to make!

I have a new job -- a new gig!

I know you think that I spend my days helping out Snoodles here at the Lilypad . . . and if the truth be told, I do!  I have to hold the lamp just so, so that she can see her sewing:

And I have to find just the right color of thread for her:

And supervise the free motion quilting:

And tons of other important jobs. But over at SewCalGal's, where the Golden Quilter Awards will be held, they really needed an emcee.

Someone with savoi faire.

Someone with dignity, and decorum.

An elegant frog. (One that can wear a top hat.)


So this year, I will be the master of ceremonies at the Awards!  These awards are a way for all of us to recognize and cheer for those wonderful people who give so freely to the quilting community....they make our world a more inspiring and fun place to be. There will be lots and lots of fun, so be sure to check out SewCalGal's blog and add your nominations now!



  1. Tô indo Sapo...Parabéns pelo seu lindo e engraçado post.Muito sério por sinal.

  2. Haha!!! Great post, Padsworth :D

  3. Padsworth is such an elegant guy for the job

  4. And I'm sure you will do a fabulous job. I'm sure you are working on your opening every second of every day.

  5. Congratulations, Padsworth! You will do an awesome job!

  6. LOL Padsworth!!! You are too cute =P

  7. Thank you Padsworth. You really have such great personality and charm, plus you are just so good looking. You made for a great Emcee.



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