Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A special project for a special person

Sorry that it's been kinda quiet here at the Lilypad . . . there have been some things that have kept me from my quilting and from you special peeps. 

I will have some things to show you, though, very soon. As I catch a moment here and there, I pick up a portable project and work a little . . . have you done that, too?  It's a busy year already!

I've started a special quilt for a very special person --- my daughter! She zeroed in on a "swoon" quilt that she saw, and so I am raiding my stash and have more fabric on the way!  

I found this super tutorial over at "Double Nickel Quilts" and loved it. (Thanks, Candace!)  You might like to check it out, too. I've cut some squares to start (insert trumpet fanfare here) Block One!

I don't know why the pretty green Kona Bay fabric doesn't show up very well there (it's really not that olive-y), but I really like the three colors together.

I'll show off some progress as soon as I can!



  1. Wahoo...!!! I am doing a Bestie QAL, why don't you join us with a Swoon pattern... u can be my bestie!

  2. Wonderful!!! Your daughter is going to love it =D

  3. Hi snoodles,
    I was worried about the silence on your blog. But, happy you, there is a new project going on.
    I´m looking foreward to see mooooore.
    Hugs from germany

  4. Wow! Thank you for sharing that tute! I can't wait to see your swoon quilt!

  5. Oh my.... I think that is going to be fun and beautiful! I LOVE THE BLOCK! *eyes her to-do list for 2013 to see if there is a way to squeeze this one in...*

    Love and hugs,
    Thing I

  6. How fun for you to be making your daughter a quilt. And what a lucky girl! It's going to be gorgeous.
    Hope all is well, sweet lady. :)


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