Friday, December 7, 2012

As promised!

Imagine my surprise when I came back to my sewing area and found Padsworth tucking DragonDrop in for a nap . . .

(Grin) That's my finished runner --- as promised, I'll show it to you now!

Oh, and in the interest of true transparency and accountability (and just letting you know that is is perfectly OK to make mistakes . . . oh, you knew that already?) here is what happened yesterday. 

This is what we would like to see, no? 

Remember the "need for speed" that I mentioned? Well, this is what happens when you are focusing more on the Nutcracker Suite music that is playing, than on the tension of your thread. 

Sigh. Hie thee hither, my trusty seam ripper. Dost thou see the job thee must do?

After that, we ended up with this:

And this:

So, as they say, all's well that ends well. 

I wanted to show you the whole thing, but the wind started up when I got outside (kind of a gray day, too) but I think you can see most of it:

Now, it's off to create with some scrumptious Jacquelynne Steves fabrics . . . her Fruitful Hands line! I'm seriously in love with these gorgeous fabrics.  Click on those linkies to see a sampling!

See you soon!




  1. Such a pretty runner! I have lost count of how many times I have looked at the back of my work and seen that.... why oh why don't I check it after a few stitches.... DUH!! Hugs xx

  2. Thank goodness for the invention of seam rippers! Your runner is wonderful! Love the quilting and the combination of fabrics. Way to go!

  3. Love the table runner.
    Padsworth you are such a sweetie to tuck in a tired Dragondrop, and then you both got disturbed for photos!! It must be hard sometimes.
    Hope the quilting fairies stop the tension gremlins next time.

  4. The day cannot be grey with this wunderful, colourful tablerunner. I´m glad to see other pw-kers also make mistakes.
    Wish you a good christmas time.
    Hugs from germany

  5. Very pretty! And I am VERY familiar with the wacky-tension result, and with my seam ripper, lol.

  6. That's a pretty runner. And at least it's easy to pull out the stitches when they're all loopy like that. I have plenty of experience there. :D

  7. I've had backs like that too. Grr. The runner looks beautiful.

  8. this a great your colours

  9. I'm already tired of winter and here you remind me that it's actually still fall! It's a beautiful runner and a great mix of fall color.

  10. I have been known to do the exact same thing with my tension, except it is an episode of MASH that is usually distracting me. The table runner turned out beautifully! Congratulations!

  11. I seem to have that problem with my tension when fmq pretty much every time I do it. Can't seem to figure out what exactly happens. Maybe like in this case, I just try to go too fast. I dunno, but that runner is just awesome!!

  12. Your runner is beautiful!!! I'm so happy you didn't give up the quilting part after your tension issue. I still have some unfinished quilting set aside from the summer since my machine and I don't seem to want to get along =P

  13. Isn't it so annoying when the tension goes wrong! Your table runner looks lovely.

  14. I hate it when that happens! It will be going fine ant then break a thread and there goes the tension!

  15. Very nicely done even with the little oops.


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