Friday, December 7, 2012

As promised!

Imagine my surprise when I came back to my sewing area and found Padsworth tucking DragonDrop in for a nap . . .

(Grin) That's my finished runner --- as promised, I'll show it to you now!

Oh, and in the interest of true transparency and accountability (and just letting you know that is is perfectly OK to make mistakes . . . oh, you knew that already?) here is what happened yesterday. 

This is what we would like to see, no? 

Remember the "need for speed" that I mentioned? Well, this is what happens when you are focusing more on the Nutcracker Suite music that is playing, than on the tension of your thread. 

Sigh. Hie thee hither, my trusty seam ripper. Dost thou see the job thee must do?

After that, we ended up with this:

And this:

So, as they say, all's well that ends well. 

I wanted to show you the whole thing, but the wind started up when I got outside (kind of a gray day, too) but I think you can see most of it:

Now, it's off to create with some scrumptious Jacquelynne Steves fabrics . . . her Fruitful Hands line! I'm seriously in love with these gorgeous fabrics.  Click on those linkies to see a sampling!

See you soon!