Thursday, November 3, 2011

Ole Frog Eyes Giveaway!

Hi everybody! Padsworth wanted me to tell all of you that he'd like to see more peeps enjoying Ole Frog Eyes, so he thought up a giveaway!

The little green guy has a Flickr group, now, and would love to see some blocks. In fact, if you can show him just two blocks from a project you are working on, he'll give you a month free on the site!

You'll have a whole month of design opportunities on the virtual design wall, for no charge - nada - nothing -zero - zilch!! You can post blocks, try out lattice colors, and change border colors to your heart's content!

I wanted to show you something that I discovered while I was playing over there this week --- another cool way to design a tabletopper. This time it's a runner; you know, those ones that are longer than they are wide.

I ran into a startling issue when I first plugged in the numbers: I was making a narrow runner, with one sequence of blocks only. You can see what happened here.  Not only do you have to scroll down, and down, and down, to see the whole runner, but my picture got fuzzy, too!

Then I figured it out, and put the runner horizontally across the page, and it worked fantastic! Just feast your peepers below this text:

So, the moral to the story is, when you are filling out the form to "Create" you should enter the larger number (the length of your runner) in the "column" window, and the smaller number (the width of the runner) in the "row" window.  

Here is another possibility, using that strategy. You can see that this time, I told the software that I didn't want a lattice, just a border:

(I purposely left a couple of blocks open, so you could see how the software fills them in.) It's nice with scrappy blocks like these, to be able to poke them into different locations, so that I don't have too much of one fabric concentrated in one area.

Alrighty! I hope that this has jump-started your interest in the Ole Frog Eyes site, and that you would like to try it out. Here is the linkie to our brand new Flickr group, and you can click to join if you have at least two blocks that you can upload there!

Leave me a comment here that you are doing that, and I'll send you the codes necessary for you to start up on the site! That's all there is to it! You can view the tutorial any time, and get installed for free --- it is absolutely the easiest way to manipulate photos! Really! I use it all the time for my blog posts!

So come on and join the fun! Upload two blocks to our Flickr group, and get a free month of design on Ole Frog Eyes!

And here's the kicker --- one of the folks who takes advantage of this offer will be awarded a whole year of free Ole Frog Eyes use!!  Hoppy Froggies! Let us hear from you!



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