Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Are you sure that it's legal to have this much fun?

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Now, back to my question . . . is it really legal to have this much fun? I'm referring to my new Accuquilt Go! Baby.  I'm having a ball!  I keep thinking that someone is going to tell me I've had enough, and I have to put it away . . . or worse, give it back. Oh nooooooooooo!

When the Accuquilt folks said I could have one, and asked which three dies I wanted to have, I really pored over the choices.  There is a chart that helped with my decision making, and I'll put the linkie here so that you can check it out. There are more dies to choose from, but that first chart is helpful to know which ones play together so nicely.

There might be a reason soon, for you to know which three Accuquilt dies YOU would want to have for your very own. Just sayin'.

Ain't I a lil rascal, teasing you special peeps like this? But I digress.

Two of my choices were the chisel die, and the half square triangle that finishes at 3 inches. Why? Well, that's a very good question, Watson, and I will elucidate, er, illuminate, er explain.

Here is an image of a piece of fabric cut with the chisel die, and another cut with the three inch HST die:

Now that I've shown the basic shapes, I would like to show you some ways that they can work together, OK? Ready? Here we go!

You can put the HST at the end of the chisel piece to make a rectangle,

or a pairelego  a paiwawello  a pair-of-yello  aw, phooey,  it's one of those things we studied in Geometry!

(Parallelogram, I believe.  Isn't that his name? Anyway, we'll get back to him later.)

Now, what this really means is that you can make this star block that Gene Black has illustrated so well, just like this one . . .

On the Sweet Pea Quilting blog I saw that you could use the chisel pieces to make a cool braid, so I tried that:

And you know me --- I couldn't leave well enough alone, I had to try this:

And then this:

See what I mean?  I am having way more fun here than is legal, I betcha!  I took two of the rectangles made with a chisel piece and a half square triangle, and made this block:

And then I just couldn't stop myself . . . I made three more and sewed them all together to make this block:

I took that block over to Ole Frog Eyes, and came up with this quilt: 

I like two color quilts, and I can imagine some cool uses for those center squares, like embroidery or applique . . .

I wasn't finished yet! I dreamed up a way that I could use the chisel and the triangle differently! In fact, I bet they might think it was an incorrect way to use them, but oh, the results are so cool! Here is the layout:

Now, just take it easy. Yes, I see that the triangle juts out over the top edge of the chisel -- it will be OK, I promise! Here is what you get after you stitch them, and lay them out in a block:

And here is the finished block after I made four of those "sub-assemblies" and sewed them all together:

I've seen this block called by several names: Double Windmill, Double Pinwheel . . . I think I'll call it Christmas Candy! It was so quick and easy to cut out the pieces and get it together! And the block will finish at 12 inches! It won't take many of those to make a tablerunner or quilt!

I hope to have another star to show you soon. Right now, you'll have to excuse me . . . I think I'll go back and play with the incredible Go! Baby some more!
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I'm having such fun with this "me time" that I've chosen this post to link up with Marcia, at Crafty Sewing and Quilting, for the Minutes for Me linky party!! Party on!!



  1. LOL...yep, you are having fun! Glad you're liking it.

  2. Oh yes....having alot of fun!!!

  3. OK, you are super talented... i now have to get those dies.

  4. That is a scrumptious name for a pretty block :)

  5. wow ! you are on a roll ; can't wait to see what you come up with next !

  6. Looks like you are having lots of fun and I love your blocks!
    Quilting by the River

  7. LOL!!! I'm so happy you are having fun!! Your blocks are beautiful!!! Thank you for showing so many different designs!! It's nice to see all of different patterns you can come up with =D

  8. As we talked about the other night, I'm loving the possibilities with that zigzag! I just may have to start playing too!! (Ahem, maybe I should finish the bathroom repairs first...... snicker!)

    Enjoy your new toy - the GO! is SEW MUCH FUN!!

  9. Love what you have done with the chisel. It is very versatile. Thanks for the shout out.

  10. I like how you explained and displayed each piece and the finished block!

    Thanks for linking up! Yippee!
    Great Minutes for Me!

  11. So many ideas! Love it! Never too much fun!

  12. It's fun to play with all the pieces that you can cut from a Go! cutter! It's like working with a jigsaw puzzle to see which pieces fit where. At first I wasn't interested in the chisel die but I've seen more fun things that bloggers are doing with it and now I think I might just "need" to get it lol.

  13. oh my goodness you are so talented, looks festive and pretty Hugs!


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