Wednesday, April 27, 2011

We have a Winner! (Actually we have two - one here, and one at Quiltstory!)

I really think that Padsworth and I are the winners, here, since so many of you were gracious enough to follow us, and kind enough to tell us good things about our quilting site. It seems that a virtual design wall is something that many of you are interested in - Yippee!

But I know that you are eager to know WHO WON THE RILEY BLAKE???  :)

Here's another picture to get you drooling again; those are luscious fabrics, aren't they?

So, we asked Mr. Random Number Generator to help us out, and he chose:

HOLD THE PHONE! Padsworth wants me to assure you that to be completely fair, we counted the votes left on the previous post, and also counted the votes that were left at Quiltstory, so everyone had an opportunity to win!!

Drum roll, please! The winner is Lisa Marie.....

Congratulations, Lisa Marie!! We'll be emailing you for your mailing info, so that you can adopt those Riley Blake fat quarters!

And a big froggie thank you to all of you who entered our giveaway! Now hop on over to Quiltstory, and find out who won the other set of fabric, and the one-month trial to the OleFrogEyes site!!

Update: The winner at Quiltstory is Debra! We'll be watching to see the blocks she uploads to the design wall! Congratulations, Debra!



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