Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Froggie Feet

Hi! I'm Jacque, and this is the inaugural post for the OleFrogEyes community of quilters! We're (Padsworth and I) hoping that our happy group will grow and grow.

Did I hear you ask, "Who is Padsworth?" Why, he's our mascot; see him up there on the right-hand side? He has asked me to fill in for him: he wanted a blog so badly, but honestly, just look at those froggie feet. Do you think he can navigate around a keyboard?!  :)  He'll be nudging me when he thinks a topic needs to be discussed, or when he sees someone post some awesome blocks on the OleFrogEyes site. He tells me he even has some giveaways planned, so stay tuned!

OleFrogEyes is a dynamite quilting tool - a virtual design wall for laying out a design, or keeping track of which colors you need to place in your next block. It can even serve as a template for stitching your blocks together, when you are working on a mega quilt like Dear Jane or Sylvia's Bridal Sampler.

Are you and a quilting friend working on the same project? Perhaps the popular Farmer's Wife quilt? You can see each other's progress so easily when you subscribe to Padsworth's site! I see some competitions starting here!

Are you unsure of what colors to use for your borders, or lattice? Create your quilt layout, upload some of your quilt blocks to OleFrogEyes, and then audition colors to your heart's content! You can play with your blocks in the intersections of the lattice, too! Padsworth seems to think of everything!

Want to join our community? Just hop on over, er, click on this URL: and sign up today! Padsworth has heard from many quilters that the price is really reasonable: for about the cost of just one fat quarter each month, you can show off six of your works in progress! See you there! Ribbit!


  1. I love peeking at what the other quilters are posting on OleFrogEyes! Yvette's quilts in particular are WONDERFUL eye candy! (I can't keep up with her, despite my best efforts on Sylvia's Bridal Sampler and our Farmer's Wife blocks!) Have you seen her Rainbow Jane?!

    Sew much fun!!

  2. Wahoo!!!! I am excited to have a new blog, congrats Jacque and daugher!!!!! Happy Friday! Em at


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