Friday, April 8, 2011

Don't Fall Off the Lily Pad!

Padsworth has been happy-dancing, and I've had to caution him not to fall off his lily pad! Why the happy dance? What has those green toes tapping?

Well, we have some new followers! Padsworth wants ya'll (you did know he's a Southern frog, right?) to feel welcome, and to feel free to invite anybody else who might get some use out of his site or enjoy his blog.

He also wants to tell everyone to go to the gallery and take a peek at Joy Denise's Sylvia's Bridal Sampler blocks.  His little froggie heart is just overflowing as he looks at her jewel tones and the black border that sets it off! He's truly proud! Check it out, and be sure to visit her blog at and leave her some comment love, too! Tell her Padsworth sent you!



  1. Good grief! I would have spruced up the blog a bit if I'd known I would be mentioned! My garden is keeping me out of my sewing room right now - and I miss it horribly! I will be playing catch up on Farmer's Wife this month - Yvette and Ms Ellen and I are doing it together and I am woefully behind!



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