Friday, November 19, 2021

"It's 5 am someplace"

We quilters love our fabrics.

And our coffee.

Recently I took a deep breath and entered a contest. I wouldn't have been tempted into doing it, except that it was organized by my favorite coffee supplier. (Grin)

Mr. Snoodles and I are both aficiandos of light roast coffee. I know of some who want their Elixir to be strong and dark, but sometimes that tastes more like petrol to me. I fell in love with Cameron's Coffee when it appeared in the local grocery store. Their Breakfast Blend is my go-to, all day long!

The contest theme was "Cameron's in the Wild," and I had a sudden inspiration as I looked at the array of plants on our screen porch. One of them definitely brings "wild" to mind (well, actually wild and scraggly, but I digress).

Having a dog too large to add to the picture, and no resident Quilt Inspector Cat at this time, I resorted to a stuffed animal . . . a leopard, I think.  Check this out:

The plant has always resisted my efforts to make it thrive, much less bloom. The lady who gifted it to me years ago had one that bloomed like this:

But mine has never, ever, EVER done that.

Still, it did look pretty jungle-ish.

I was so crazy busy that I didn't catch the email that trumpeted "YOU WON!" until two months had gone by. But the awesome people at Cameron's still sent my prizes! Six bags of my favorite, Breakfast Blend, and a cool shirt!

How awesome is that!

Needless to say, I'm sipping a cup of java as I write this post, and if you want to get some great coffee, look at all the flavors on the Cameron's web site, and head to your store (or order online)!!



  1. How exciting. Congratulations on your win. I had not heard of this coffee, but I will definitely check them out. I love good coffee!

  2. What a delight to win and receive your favourite coffee.

  3. How clever of you to use your “wild” leopard for your photo! I’ll be looking to check out this coffee on my next adventure to the coffee isle. CONGRATS!


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