Thursday, November 25, 2021

Counting our blessings!


I hope that all of you are warm and well fed at this wonderful time that we set aside for thanking God for all of His blessings!

I'm so grateful for all of you who encourage me!

I'm thankful, too, for those around Mr. Snoodles and me, who are like-minded patriots, truly grateful for the blessings of this amazing nation! 

This has been a difficult year for everyone. I'm praying for those I know who are facing unemployment and trusting God to help them.

Whether we are celebrating with family or with friends, or even if we are far from them, let's raise a cup of cider or a glass of tea and toast the men and women who keep our country safe - God bless all of our military who are all across this globe. Thank you for your service!

This year, I saw that Jacquelynne Steves had a special effort to help Convoy of Hope, a faith-based organization founded to help alleviate hunger. This seems like the perfect time to help them! Check out Jacquelynne's post and pick up her patterns that will result in 100% of funds going to Convoy of Hope.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!



  1. What a kind, thoughtful and inspirational post. I hope you and your extended family have a very Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, I am with Darlene....very kind and thoughful post.


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