Sunday, February 2, 2020

Yes, half square triangles are our friends!

I wanted to re-introduce you to my fave ruler as I have been working my way through these Summer Moon blocks: the Bloc Loc ruler is awesome!

See that groove in the center? Here is how it works . . . grab an unsuspecting half square triangle that you just finished, and lay the Bloc Loc on it, shifting and wiggling it so that the groove nestles in the diagonal seam, like so:

Let's say we want our finished squares to be two inches -- slide the ruler so that it covers a little more than two inches. See up there?
Now, grab that rotary cutter and trim the two exposed sides of the block. Like this!

Now you want to trim the other two sides, but DON'T PICK IT UP! (Just kidding, you can if you want to.) But you can also just slide it along the seam and rotate the whole block till it looks like this:

Now you can trim that bad boy's last two sides and you have a lovely, perfect, exactly two inch half square triangle!

And the possibilities are endless!
The next block for Summer Moon is the Split Nine Patch and it's nothing but HSTs! Here are mine:

Here's a close up:

This is sew much fun!
What's under your needle these days?



  1. I too love using bloc loc rulers. That is a fun block!

  2. I love that tool. Good looking blocks.

  3. I love my Bloc Locs. Great looking blocks!

  4. That looks like the perfect handy dandy ruler for HSTs! Your blocks are looking awesome,

  5. What an awesome ruler.....I love different rulers...this one is great, thanks for showing

  6. I am thinking I might have to find myself one of those! Joy


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