Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Now, THERE is progress!

What a difference a great tutorial makes!

And better materials!

And taking one's time!

OK, so here is the full story . . .

First of all, I'd like to say a big THANK YOU!! to all of you who left me such kind comments! Many of you gently pointed out that I need to not be such a perfectionista, and I totally admit that is one of my downfalls! I've taken your advice and slowed down and am truly enjoying the process now.
I've been working in the evenings on a lovely Elefantz Design stitchery . . . this is Block One of her new Psalm 23 stitching series.

Wow! I'm pretty proud of the progress I've made!

I put a link up there at the top to the great tutorial that helped me a good bit. My stitches are much more even, and I'm getting them made correctly - no more faux chain stitch! (Grin)

I also followed Jenny's advice and got some Robert Kaufman Essex linen blend to work on. It's made a big difference for me! 
And the Whisperweft! Awesome! I love how it's so thin and drapey -- I hardly know it's there behind the stitchery, but it helps everything look much better. Plus, it's easy to adhere -- just iron it on.

Here's the problem - where to find it? I did manage to get a yard of it from a supplier link on the Elefantz site. I went to a (ahem!) local store that shall remain nameless and they had no clue. They offered me a product for backing my embroidery that felt like I would be stitching through a sheet of printer paper! (Grin)

I know that some of you swear by the stabilizer that washes out, but my one experience with that was not a really positive one . . . I was picking out pieces for quite a while. 

Any recommendations? Sure would appreciate it!

Thanks for stopping by! You're always welcome here at the Lilypad!



  1. I did manage to find a product at Joanne fabrics some time ago that was very similar to whisper weft. It should be on the display with the other stabilizers if they still carry it. You might just have to root through to find it on your own though. Good luck! :0)

  2. I use Pellon Fusible 931TD. It’s an iron-on stabilizer, but keep the iron around medium hot. It doesn’t wash out, but I use a stabilizer to back my embroidery because my backs are not tidy. I don’t want dark floss showing through a light fabric, and the stabilizer prevents that.

  3. There are at least 2 suppliers here in NZ, they say 60 inches wide, and at one place only $12 per metre. I have used something similar years ago and it is wonderful, just holds the stitches better and gives the fabric a firmer body but not stiff at all. Your stitches and colours are lovely. as is the fabric you chose.

  4. Your stitching is always such a delight to view. Even before all your new revelations. Are those fabric pieces stitched on the bird??? Or is that solid stitching you did???

  5. Sorry, no suggestions but I do love your stitching....

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  8. So so pretty! Your handwork is beautiful! Joy

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