Monday, June 29, 2020

"Which grocery store?"

I hear this sometimes . . . "which grocery store? What's on our list for that store?"
I admit it.
I'm a BHE; a Bargain Hunter Extraordinare.
I peruse the flyers from the grocery stores and then make a list so I can capture the bargains at each separate store. Then on my FIOWs (Forays Into the Outside World), I can make good use of my time and my fuel!  I make certain that I don't go out of my way on these excursions, but I can make a loop sometimes to include several grocery stores, and I combine FIOWs with Necessary Errands. Then I feel good about donning my mask and charging out there, like a soldier on a mission. (Grin)
Does this ring a bell with any of y'all?

Of course, with Covid lurking around, I also have become more of an online shopper. Not for groceries, mind you, but for other Extremely Necessary Things. I'm still shopping my stash for projects, but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do, right? 
Sometimes you need a notion or a supply. 
Sometimes there's a sale that you look at -- and you see The Perfect Fabric for that upcoming project!
And lo, and behold, it's on sale!
That one is a no-brainer!
And that means that I apply my Bargain Hunter Extraordinaire skills to my online purchases, as well.

And that brings me to my point -- Lilypadquilting has a new sponsor! And I think you are going to love 'em!

I found Pineapple Fabrics and I love their unique way of packaging projects and fabrics for us quilters!
First of all, they have what they call their Bonus Quarter . . . What is that, you say? I'm glad you asked! Most of us know and collect, er, hoard, er, love our fat quarter yards of fabric: they are extremely versatile and we can cut other sizes from the (usually) 18" x 22" pieces of loveliness.
Pineapple Fabrics' Bonus Quarters are cut at 21 inches square -- that's right, 21" by 21" and you can cut sixteen five inch charms from that! 

Ahhh, think of the possibilities!  Of course, they also offer the standard fare of fat eighths, charms, and more! Take it easy, now, this stuff is gonna have you drooling on your keyboard! Now, if you suddenly slip from your chair and your hand hits the keyboard, and when you regain your seat you realize that you purchased . . . .oh, I'm such an enabler!! (And if you purchase, it won't cost you a penny, but I will receive a tiny affiliate commission to help us bring you more fun and frolic here at the Lilypad!)


That lovely batik is Nirvana by Hoffman; the stacker of ten inch squares is Handiwork by Alison Glass; the fan of fat eighths is Happy Flower from RJR; and the stack of five inch charm squares is Viva La France by French General (Moda).

Secondly, they have packages of fabrics called "Pineapple Packs"! Intrigued? It's a really cool idea!
Pineapple Packs are quilt shop quality pre-cut fabric collections -- the fabrics included are coordinated by the Pineapple inhouse designer for the best possible variety of color and patterns. Each pack includes a free pattern that is designed for the pre-cuts in that pack.  
Do you sometimes love a collection of fabrics but then "hit a wall" when selecting a project for them?
Or do you love to just grab some great fabrics and create as you go?
The Pineapple Packs will work both ways!
There are six different choices!

Alice -  5 bonus quarters plus a free pattern
Bella -  20 2.5 inch (43 inch long) strips, 20 2.5 inch squares, 5 bonus quarters plus pattern
Carla -  20 5 inch squares, 20 2.5 inch squares, 5 bonus quarters plus a pattern
Diana - 10 6.5 inch (43 inch long) strips, 2 pieces each of 5 fabrics, plus pattern
Ellie -  20 10 inch squares, 20 1.5 inch strips, 5 bonus quarters plus pattern
Fran - 20 5 inch squares, 20 2.5 inch strips, 20 2.5 inch squares, plus a pattern

Let's take the Bella Pack as an example, OK? Each Bella Pineapple Pack contains a total of 2 3/4 yards of gorgeous fabrics! Here's a link to the Bella Packs page

Now, when you tap on "Early Bird," for example, you will see all the fabrics in the pack, and at the bottom of the page, there are FOURTEEN possible projects to consider! Everything from quilts to tote bags to jackets to a kitty igloo!!

And of course, you can wing it with these Pineapple Packs and make something totally yours! Use another pattern or just dream up something of your own!
Any way we look at it, a Pineapple Pack plus YOU equals an awesome project! 

Pineapple Fabrics' Notions section has rulers and scissors and the BIGGEST selection of Creative Grids rulers I've seen! 
There's a huge selection of quilt backs, and you'll find fabulous prices in the clearance section!

I just know that you will find some lovely things that will spark your creativity, make your fingers itch to sew, and make your heart sing!

Hop over there to Pineapple Fabrics using one or more of those links up there! HERE IS A LINK TO SAVE YOU SOME CASH!!! Click here for 5% off, sitewide!!!

Have fun!!


Friday, June 19, 2020

Three more blocks finished!

Drum roll, please! 

Or a celebratory trumpet blast.

Or just a happy dance.

I just finished piecing three more of my Summer Moon project blocks!

Check these out:

You may remember, we make three of each block -- one finishes at five inches; the next is six and a half, and the largest one is eight inches.

These scrappy orange blocks make me happy!

What's under your needle lately?  If you'd like to work on these fun blocks, here is a link to the Summer Moon book from the Fat Quarter Shop! (I'm required to let you know that's an affiliate link, but it costs you nothing!) 


Sweet stitches

Just a quick update on my block of the month I'm working on. It's the Psalm 23 BOM from Jenny Elefantz. I'm enjoying the hand embroidery and applique combinations on these blocks!

You'll have to excuse the lighting here; a thunderstorm popped up and I want to let you see this (so I'm taking the pictures inside!). 

Here is the entire block: 

Here are a couple of closeups:

Stay tuned, everyone, we are working on a blog reboot, and will have more merriment and mayhem coming your way soon!


Friday, May 29, 2020

Of peeps, and masks, and blocks

What a springtime!
I hope that all of you have stayed safe and healthy!

When I wrote the post for Memorial Day, I was amazed at how long it had been since I posted.
I'm sure that y'all have been busy, too.
Don't even get me started on the severe weather and the clean up that we needed to work on . . . 

But life does go on, right? We do still get to have some fun!

First, there were peeps to make, to make our mantel more cheerful:

Then, there were masks to make for first responders:

Lastly, I finally got some time in my sewing room and put together some more of the Summer Moon blocks! These are the Twin Star blocks -- aren't they cute?

What have you been up to?
Leave a comment and do tell!!

Friday, April 10, 2020

Hope y'all have a happy Easter!

I'm ever so grateful to have all of you blogland friends. Our digital buddies are more important to us now than ever before, no?

I'd like to wish ALL of you a very happy Easter!

For those of you who don't celebrate, I hope that you have a lovely holiday of spring blossoms, warmer breezes, and contentment.

For those of us who do celebrate, I hope that we enjoy a holiday of reverence for the gift our sinless Savior gave; He showed us His endless love by dying on the cross for us; He showed us He was God in man by rising from the grave to offer us eternal life!

I hope everyone will find a way to give a virtual hug to those we love -- we live in an amazing time as far as technology goes! We can phone, skype, FaceTime, and more!

Maybe we can save the egg hunts for later? (Grin)

My wish for y'all is peace, joy, and a time of counting our blessings -- now hurry and find those eggs before the rascally rabbits make off with them!

Much love and Easter joy to all! Stay safe! Stay healthy!