Sunday, September 16, 2018

Picking alternate winners!

Sometimes these things happen.....

We had two winners who did not respond to our announcement, and I had no way of reaching them. No emails given!

I'm sad for them, but happy for two other Lilypad followers who will be happy dancing about their prizes soon!

First, the wonderful patterns from Jacquelynne Steves - two complete Block of the Month lovelies!

Our winner is Molly and Rex's mom, Christine, from "down under." You can see her awesome blog at this link. 

Congrats on winning the prize!

Then, the Hoffman Fabrics prize bundle! A huge stack of gorgeous fat quarters!

Our winner is Sharon of Vrooman's Quilts! She blogs here at this link, and she entered a wonderful custom quilt in our show.


We'll be emailing you soon and your sponsor will send your prizes!

Thanks for participating in the 2018 Pets on Quilts Show!!


Thursday, September 13, 2018

Prayers for the Carolinas

As Hurricane Florence nears the coasts of both the Carolinas, we are sending our thoughts and prayers to our friends and neighbors there.

We will feel the effects, too, further inland in the state.  We are stocked up on non-perishable food, gasoline, batteries, and the like. The things around the farm that can blow away are secured. We know that we probably will lose power, and perhaps for many days, but we know the storm surge and rainfall will be far more devastating down there in the coastal areas.

I know that in the coming days, Carolinians of all walks of life will unite and show the kindness, generosity, and faith that we are known for.

Stay safe -- stay sheltered. Our lives are far more important than any things we may leave behind.

We're watching. And praying.


Friday, September 7, 2018

Hand picked for y'all!

Sale! ALL Craftsy Classes Under $20 at 9/7-9/9/18.

I just had to post and tell you about this great opportunity to get that Craftsy class you've had your eye on!

I'm loving Craftsy because of the great variety of classes that I have been enjoying, and plus, it's like having some really great quilters come to your studio to work with you!

Take a class from some wonderful and creative peeps:

This is a fabulous class - Marti is fun to listen to and watch, and this is an awesome way to complete large projects!

Try this one:

I really was inspired by this, and learned new ways to quilt my projects!

This is my next one to try -- paper piecing has always kicked my butt. I'm gonna see if Carol Doak can pull me through! (Grin)

I really loved this one - scrappy is my thing, and I learned how to really get some mix and match loveliness, instead of mish mash scraps! Edyta Sitar has a wonderful, friendly style of teaching!

So please, tap that button at the top, or the one on our sidebar (right hand side, at the top) and try a class or two that appeal to you..... there are so many! (Yup, I'm an affiliate, and I will get a teensy commission to help me with my stash and notions - your price won't change a bit!)

Have fun!!


Friday, August 31, 2018

Announcing our 2018 winners!

It's time to announce our winners! Didn't we have a wonderful show? From rescue kittens to a photo-bombing cat, and from dogs that hog the covers to those that love to pose on our best quilts, I just love seeing all these pets each year!

Let's get started!

First, let's look at the "Dog on Quilt" category . . . It was a fierce battle between the lovable Molly and her new bud, Rex, and the cuddly Sheltie snoozing on the purple quilt!

Teddy Bear wins!

His favorite quilter, Michelle T, wins the cool Bark Box for her Flikr photo of her photogenic pup! Congrats! (All of you pup-lovers need to stop in at BarkBox and check out their awesome boxes! Click on that link to travel there!)

For the "Cat on Quilt" competition, the sweet rescue kitten, Tater, gave Alfalfa and Darla a real run for the money! Little Tater is adorable, but the duo with the fairy tale stories got three more votes, so congratulations!

Alfalfa and Darla's favorite quilter is Cathy, and the random number generator matched her up with this beautiful  Enchanted jelly roll from Green Fairy quilts!

Our last category was Pet-themed quilts, and this was another hot competition! Sharon Vrooman's gorgeous custom design almost beat Rebecca's "Feed the Cat" -- but in the end, Rebecca's hungry feline from QuiltingInAPolarBearGarden takes the prize!

Rebecca will receive one of the Hoffman Fabrics packages; there are thirty-three fat quarters in the bundle!

I sure do wish that we could give each and every contestant a prize! They were all so cute! (I mean, seriously, who can forget Bernini and his leap into stardom, right?) And y'all have outdone yourselves with your quilting projects!

We have five more prizes to award, so let's encourage Mr. Random Number Generator and see who wins!

Barb at Bejeweled Quilts is providing some Island Batiks fat quarters and a pattern from her shop to one of our winners!

Gayle is the winner! Congratulations!

Jacquelynne Steves is providing two of her awesome patterns to a random winner!

Nikki Moshier is the winner! Congrats, and thank you for your efforts on behalf of shelter pets! I hope you see this post, because there's no email on your Google Plus page! (Leave me a comment on how to email you, OK?)

Hoffman Fabrics provided two of those lovely fat quarter bundles.....let's see who wins the second one!

It's Stephanie Lauro! Congratulations! (Same problem here with a google plus page, I hope Stephanie checks this blog post and emails me. Or leave a comment with your address to email a message!)

Our good friends at the Fat Quarter Shop said we could pick two winners! They will each receive a certificate for $50, so they can shop all the notions, fabrics, and more!

Our winners are Karen in Breezy Point, and Mangozz! Yay!!

Thank you so much to our wonderful sponsors who make it possible to have great prizes for our annual party! Please make a point to click on those links and visit our sponsors -- they have wonderful products and service, so check them out!

I'll be connecting everyone (except the google plus peeps) with their sponsor via email, so that the prizes can go out -- should someone not respond, we will draw another winner. Be sure and check your emails!

I hope that everyone had fun, and enjoyed meeting all of the quilters and their pets! Let's do this again next year, OK?

And please......if you and your family need a pet, give a shelter pet a forever home. And support your local shelter with quilted mats and pads for the pets who live there, hoping for their new family!


Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Voting has closed

Voting is completed, now give us a day or two and we'll announce the winners!

Thanks for your patience!