Monday, November 24, 2014

Block number 2!! (and a giveaway!)

Today the patterns are released for Block #2 of the Sew Sweet Simplicity project!

This has been so much fun so far -- the combination of embroidery (or applique) with the pieced blocks is great!
Here is a reminder of my first block:

I'm using embroidery on mine, and thirties repro fabrics!

Be sure to hop around and see how each of the peeps in the blog hop have made this block their own:

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Snoodles ~ Lily Pad Quilting (You're here!)

And be sure to drop by Jacquelynne's blog to see the latest -- the blog hop, giveaways, recipes and more . . . that lady is busy! (Grin)

Here are some photos of my version of Block 2:

You'll have to forgive the blurry picture; of course it was raining when I was ready to take my photos!

There's the embroidery block, made up and ready to go!

The whole block . . .

A close up of the stitchery . . .

And a special photo of my helper on these embroideries:

My handy-dandy Frixion pen! (Bet you thought I meant Padsworth, right?) I should write an ode to this pen. Draw out the pattern, make a mistake or two, add a little heat and the lines disappear! Wowser!

And today we have a giveaway contest starting! This one will remain open for a week, and then we'll let that adorable Mr. Random Number Generator choose our winner.

Our lucky winner will receive pdf patterns for the cute penny rug and for the Grandma's Pantry quilt, too!

Please be sure and look at all the different quilters who are working along with us on this fun project! Here is a link to the Pinterest page.

For even more fun and fabric loveliness, check out the Facebook page, too!

You can leave comments below to enter to win the patterns! And if you are a follower, you can enter with another comment to tell me so!

You can still sign up for this fun pattern -- just click on that link up there for Jacquelynne's blog, and you will find the instructions to join us!

Good luck!


Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Downton Abbey fabric bundle winner!

 First, let me say a big, Lilypadquilting "Thank you!" to our fabulous sponsor, the Fat Quarter Shop! I hope that all of you had fun looking around over at their site, and that you will continue to shop over there . . . Kimberly, Daniar, and all the rest of the FQS crew are Truly Nice Folks, and will take good care of you and your order.

Then, a hearty "Thanks!" to all of you who participated in our contest -- it looks to me like the hands down favorite of the peeps who watch Downton Abby is the Dowager Countess, played by long-time British actress, Maggie Smith. Gotta love her portrayal of the character . . . she is awesome in all of the parts she plays.

Well! It's time to announce our winner!

Mr. Random chose number 88!!
That's Shauna, from over at Shauna's World blog!  Yippee! Congratulations! I know you will have fun creating with your prize!
Thanks again for playing along with us, everybody!


Monday, November 10, 2014

Downton Abbey Fabric Bundle Giveaway!

This giveaway is closed now, but thank you for your interest! Hop around here at the Lilypad and you might find lots of things that are fun! Thanks again!

Our fabulous sponsor, Fat Quarter Shop, is sponsoring a giveaway! Ooooh, and it's a good one!

Let me tell you about it!

Do you watch Downton Abbey? Many people have told me that they do . . . they enjoy the characters and the storylines, and the castle is incredible, too!

Well, the Fat Quarter Shop is just as incredible -- they have an awesome selection of the latest fabrics from your favorite designers, and from some designers that you may not have met yet!

Check out these from the newly arrived fabrics and bundles:


The Fat Quarter Shop offers all sorts of pre-cuts to get your quilting project jump-started -- bundles of fat quarters and fat eighths, jelly rolls and charm packs . . . got your motor running yet? (Grin)

They also have lots of patterns and kits and block of the months to choose from, and if you need notions? Wow! They are well-stocked!

The absolute best part about the Fat Quarter Shop is the stellar service they provide! Fast shipping, wonderful folks to chat with when you have questions, and extremely reasonable shipping rates; orders over $80 ship free!

Our giveaway is a lovely bundle of fat quarters that were inspired by Lady Rose on Downton Abbey.
Check out this bundle of fabric loveliness!

All of the Downton Abbey collections by Andover are fun, and really bring their namesake characters to mind!

Here is how you can enter the random drawing to win this bundle:

1.  Tell me if you watch Downton Abbey, and who your favorite character is.
2.  It's not mandatory to follow here at the Lilypad, but if you do, you get another chance!
3.  Pop over to the Fat Quarter Shop and tell me what catches your eye in the What's New ?
4.  Spread the word about the giveaway (Facebook, blog, etc) and let me know!

Easy Peasy!! We'll leave this one open for a week, and then draw our winner!
(Please don't take it personally if I don't get your comment answered....that's kinda hard to do, when it's a giveaway, and there are lots of folks commenting!)
Good luck!


Monday, November 3, 2014

News flash!

One of our fabulous sponsors is partnering with us next week!

(We just love it when we can do this!)

You'll want to come back and see what merriment we are up to -- it's gonna be an awesome giveaway!

In the meantime, check out this fabric love that is happening there:

We just wanted to let you know: 20% OFF ALL ART GALLERY FABRICS with coupon code: AG2014
This offer starts MONDAY, November 3rd until SUNDAY November 9th, at 11:59 PM CST.

There are great low volume fabrics in this collection, too, for those of you hankering for some of those!

Hop on over there and check it out! And stop in next week for our giveaway!



Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Clever Tools Discs -- a review!

Remember back when we met the Clever Tools folks during the Pet Show this year?

Here's my story.
 . . . It sneaked up on me. Slowly. Stealthily. The pain kept increasing.  But I hate doctors. No offense, guys and gals, but I just don't like to visit y'all.  (Grin)  I finally had to admit; it was time to go and have my hands x-rayed.
They say a picture is worth a thousand words, no? At least that is what the doc said, as he placed the film on the viewer.  It was so obvious that even I could see it -- my bones had failed me! There, beside the carpometacarpal joint, was a fragment of bone . . . it wasn't supposed to be there. It was supposed to be attached to the larger bone near it. But there it was, grinning at me, as if to say, "Yep, it's me, causing your problem!"

I couldn't find an image that was just like mine, so I settled for one that showed you the area where the problem is.
Well, enough of this; I don't want to bore you. Long story short, these bones are degenerating, and I have the same issue in my other hand now.  And they probably are going to continue doing this, my friendly doctor said.  Oy vey.

Raising my now-braced wrist in the air, I shouted, "But I will NOT give up my quilting!" And I haven't. But it ain't been pretty, and sometimes it ain't fun.

But then along came Ellen, from Clever Tools.
Ellen, you are my hero!

Here is what the discs look like -- the light blue part is supposed to face up, and the darker part lies on your fabric.

See the large surface area? That is the magical stuff that grips the fabric! Instead of your ten little fingers moving the quilt sandwich, these big boys do the job!

Alright, back to our story  . . .

The Grip and Stitch discs are Ellen's baby, and BOY HOWDY am I happy to have a set! Ellen graciously sent me a set to try, and I gave them a whirl. I wasn't sure how it would go -- lately I'd been trying to free motion quilt with my fancy-schmancy gloves on, and it just plain hurt. It even ached for a good while after I stopped.

But Ellen said it might work, so I gathered up some orphan blocks and pieced together a project. I guess you would say this is a pretty large placemat, as far as the size goes:

Sometimes I have trouble when the project needs to roll up under the throat of the machine. That pushing around of the quilt sandwich is tiring and I get some severe twinges.

I placed the smaller of the two discs there, and pushing the project was effortless! I was really amazed.

Ah, this picture is showing a situation that really bothers my hands when I use gloves. On a corner or an edge of the project, you know how you need to apply some pressure to small areas of fabric, to keep it where you want it?  Ouch! (Usually.)  This time I used the disc and it kind of "grabbed" the fabric for me, and I was able to move it around easily!

Here's a shot of how I used both discs; I placed the larger one on the left -- other folks may want to try it on the right. It's just a matter of personal preference, I think.

Just to give you an idea of how gently my fingers were resting on the discs -- very little need for pressure with these tools.

Here is a picture of the back . . . I had two little blocks left over, so I appliqued them onto the back of the project for a little extra interest, and a pop of color.

I came up with this little dogwood blossom motif (don't yell at me if someone else has thought this up before me) and repeated it around the small blocks on the outer edge of the mat:

Just keepin' it real, folks, and showing you that I am NOT an accomplished free motion quilter; I have lots of places where I don't go back in the lines that I wanted to!

Aaaack! I must have been distracted by my studio kitty on this one! (Grin)

This swirl is on one of the large pinwheel blocks in the center; lookin' a lil better here!

Here is the front side; I actually kinda like that fact that these lines are not perfectly on top of one another; after all, I am not perfect, either! (Wink)

Anyway, just to keep you from having to scroll back up to the top, here is a picture of the quilted mat, ready for binding -- and my hands feel great!

I am so grateful to Ellen for letting me try the Grip and Stitch discs!

I hope that this review will encourage some of you that may have problems similar to mine, to hop over to her site and purchase a set -- I truly believe in her product, and I love how much easier it made my quilting!
I was able to complete my project without the pain that I usually experience, both during and after the free motion quilting process!

(Waving) Thank you, Ellen!

Since I haven't finished this yet, I'm linking up with the NEWFO party over at ThreeCatsRanch! Hop over and check out the fun!