Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Hoffman Fabrics sponsors!!

The staff here at the Lilypad is hard at work, preparing for the August Pets on Quilts Show! We are lining up sponsors and making plans!

Well, that is, when we are not playing with fabrics and buttons and the like! (Grin)

The first sponsor to sign on is our fab friends at Hoffman Fabrics! Love, love, the beautiful fabrics that they create..... didya know that they design and produce over 800 screenprints and hand-dyed batiks every year! They truly have a passion for these products, and their made-in-Bali lovelies are just stunning, year after year, since 1924!

From one named after my favorite tea....

To a wide variety of colors and designs:

I hope you will take a peek at their process -- it's really interesting to see how these fabrics are created!

This year, Hoffman California Fabrics is marking their 90th year! And they are sponsoring an awesome prize for our show in August!

Hoffman will send two of our winners their very own fat-quarter bundles! Thirty three fabrics from the "All A-Twitter" line, by Kari Carr!!

So much fabric yumminess!
Check out the feature print! I'm warning you, you will fall in love....just gorgeous!

And just to get those inspirational juices flowing, here are some patterns that Kari designed for her fabrics:

Our winners may want to purchase these patterns to use with their prizes!

The talented team at Hoffman also took some of their most popular fabrics and made them 108 inches wide! Then they packaged these beauties into three yard cuts for us to grab for quilt backs and more!

How cool is that!

I hope that you are as excited as we are, here at the Lilypad, about our first sponsor-sign-up! Take a look at what Hoffman California Fabrics has to offer....

......you just might be our random winner in August!!

Journey over to their FB page and leave 'em some love, won't you? Let them know we appreciate their sponsorship! 
Hope you are snapping pictures of your pets on some quilts! It won't be long until the show!!



  1. I have now a whole new HUGE respect for any Hoffman batik fabric I use.What a process, and then the digital printing,Wow.

  2. I would love the 108 for some new drapes.


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