Sunday, June 26, 2016

Save the date

Are you ready to check your calendars?

We always leave our Pets on Quilts Show linky party live for ten days -- this year we have scheduled the party to begin on August 14th, and go through the 24th!

So, we hope you are sewing and snapping photos!

Remember, if you have a pet, you can link a blog post or a Flickr page to our party. Show your pet on, under, or beside a quilt that you would like to show off.

If you don't have a pet, you can always borrow one. (Grin)

Or, enter a quilt that is pet-themed!

We're looking forward to seeing everyone's entries! Save those dates!



  1. I'll save the dates for sure, with 3 cats, I'm sure at least one will pose nicely.

  2. I can't wait, now I need to get the terrible twins to cooperate. That last picture with the cat and bird would make a great small quilt, where'd you find it?

  3. Can't wait. It's the best quilt show in town.

  4. THe button is posted on my blog. Can't wait!

  5. Thank you for using Trixie as your cover girl for this years Pets on Quilts show. We enjoyed participating in last year's show very much. I look forward to meeting many unique pets this year!

  6. This is something I look forward to all year long. It's so much fun Jacque! Your button is on my sidebar - I put it there the moment you shared it.


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