Monday, June 20, 2016

A new sponsor for our August show

Are you looking forward to the upcoming Pets on Quilts show? We're finalizing the dates in August and will let you know soon!

We are so excited!

Are you snapping pictures? Sewing like mad? (Grin)

We have a brand new sponsor to announce -- I'm crazy about her cute quilt patterns, and I think you will love them, too!

It's Lorna McMahon from SewFreshQuilts blog!

If you follow Lorna like I do, you get weekly shots of inspiration in your inbox, showing wonderful patterns and ideas, like these:

Yep, I heard that "squee" from all over blogland! Aren't these hamsters cute?
How about this one -- raccoons!

(Many thanks, Lorna, for the use of your photos....your skills are awesome!)

I know that the dog lovers will love those puppies! Look at how those faces can be personalized . . . . make one to look like your furbaby!

And lest you think that animals are all that Lorna works with, check out this gorgeous pieced quilt. The pattern is available in her Etsy shop -- it's called "On Point."

Lorna is sponsoring not one, not two, not even three, but FIVE prizes in our drawings in August!

FIVE lucky winners will each receive one of her patterns! Hop over to her shop and start making plans, because you might be one of the winners!
Lorna has quilts for adults and baby quilts, too, so you will have lots of creative options!
Be sure to follow her at SewFreshQuilts! Leave her some comment love and thank her for her sponsorship. Or head over to her Facebook page and tell her thanks over there!

(Waving) Thanks, Lorna, for being a fabulous sponsor for our show! We can't wait till August!



  1. Wow Weeee! Jacque, I'm a huge fan of Lorna's too and her patterns are always a hit!

  2. Yep, Weeeee. I love Lorna's patterns, they're wonderful and so well written.


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