Thursday, December 31, 2015

Hope this is your best year yet!

As long as I have more time for designing, sewing, and quilting, it will be an awesome year! I know, right? (Grin) 

Of course, that's after the important stuff . . . family, friends, and folks who need my help!

I've seen some bodacious plans for the next few months all over the interwebs. We hope to have some fun and games here, too!

Padsworth and DragonDrop paused their playing just long enough to wish all of you a lovely New Year. 

Moses, the Official Studio Cat, yawned his greetings.

Wishing God's best blessings and lots of hugs and love to make our world a happier place,

Happy New Year!!



  1. Happy New Year to you and your family too! :)

  2. Amen at making our world a happier place! Happy New Year Snoodles!

  3. I hope you and your family have a very Happy and Healthy New Year too.


    PS - I'm finding it really easy to follow you via, although I still follow you via a variety of tools.


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