Monday, December 7, 2015

Help! Resource needed!

Kudos to Quilt Shop Gal for the original of this sign . . . sure tells the story here at the Lilypad!

What to do? Nora's belt broke!

I have used the famous (or infamous) search that we all know, and have not found any parts listed for this brand. I know she is similar to some of the Singer machines, but hey, we're talking about the belt here! Similar might not be good enough!

Do you have a good resource? Please let me know in the comments!

If you know of a good repair shop that would be well-stocked with parts, please tell me! I have Christmas gifts to finish! (Grin)



  1. Have you tried the Yahoo Group called Treadle On? You might run across someone who can help you.

  2. I posted on my Facebook page a notice to see if anyone has any recommendations. Hope it helps.


    PS - FYI Only - I'm pretty sure that clipart has a watermark for SewCalGal, as I created it quite a few years ago. Glad to have you use it as it is so true. My house tends to get a major cleaning whenever my machine is broken.

  3. Get in contact with Cheryl who blogs at Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting - she belongs to a number of groups, does repairs, and knows her parts and where to get them.

  4. Nova's featherweight sales & service. I follow her blog to learn about caring & cleaning mine. She should be able to help you

  5. Cindy Peters at should have the belt. She's well respected in the Vintage Sewing Machine group on Facebook. I do know that Pocono Sew & Vac would have it, too. They've had belts and items for my vintage machines. PS, Nora is a clone of a 15 class Singer. The motor will have a screw to help adjust the tension on the belt (motor moves a little). There are lots of free resources about the clones. There's tons of info in the VSM group, too.

  6. Well Sharon beat me to it, Cheryl can help you out.


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