Saturday, March 8, 2014

There's a linky party coming . . .

Rescue me!

Anybody remember that song? Really? Ahhh, have a listen!

Now that I have gotten it stuck in your head (grin), I'll explain. You know that here at Lilypadquilting, we are especially interested in helping out rescue pups and kitties, and the shelters that work so hard to find them forever homes.

Recently, some of you participated in SewCalGal's Quilters Bee Giving charity fund raiser, and helped out a shelter that we chose because of their great work in placing rescue animals in good homes.

We appreciate all of you that helped out -- I don't believe that the final figures have been released, but over $1000 was donated to Greenville because of your generosity!

We decided that we should have a warmup and get everyone ready for the annual Pets on Quilts Show that is coming in August.

So, if you have rescued a dog or cat (or more than one!), be thinking about a blog post or Flickr picture that you can post about your furry friend.

And by the way -- "rescue" isn't only when you go to the shelter and choose a pet! Rescue is when a stray comes to your house and you take it in, or when a neighbor/relative/stranger can't keep a pet and you become the pet's new home . . . in those cases you've prevented an animal from going to the shelter, and that's a rescue, too!!

We are rounding up a sponsor, and will let you know when we are ready to start -- we'll have a linky party and let everyone hop around and visit, just like in the Pet Show.

And Snoodles, Padsworth and DragonDrop will be groovin to the tune . . . "come on and rescue me" . . .

Get those photos ready of your rescue furbabies!!

See ya soon,