Sunday, March 16, 2014

Small projects . . .

Small things are often very cute . . .

Tiny houses . . .

 Padsworth's tiny cousins . . .

And tiny adorable kittens, of course . . .

Small projects are sometimes the most fun, ay? Instant (well, almost instant) gratification! (Grin)

This is the smallest of three projects that I'm working on currently. This one, the mug rug, is completed, as is the table topper that I will post soon.

The wall hanging is still a work in progress, as they say.

This first one that I'm showing you is one of three that I'm going to offer a tutorial for, called "Mug Shots." There will be patterns available for the cups and mugs, and for the letters that are on the wallhanging.

Here are the shapes of the cups and mugs; you can access the pattern at this link.

On this mugrug, I used one of the fabrics that I showed you earlier,

 and for the inside of the cup, I turned the fabric over and used the wrong side.
I cut the piece for the inside of the mug by snipping out the interior, like so:

A simple machine blanket stitch completes the applique.
And a small stippling quilts the background, to let the mug fabric take center stage:

Here is the completed mug rug:

I'll show you the table topper soon, and then I hope to have the tutorial and the wall hanging ready!



  1. I have a lot of those fabrics - very cute mug rug.

  2. Great idea. I have used the back of fabrics intentionally (as well as unintentionally) before. I never thought of it for something like this though.

  3. There's definitely a lot to be said for small projects. **postcards** It's a wonderful sewing "fix" when time is at a minimum and the larger projects take a while to complete. And mug rugs make awesome quickie gifts too.

  4. I love tiny things! Especially the house.

  5. Wonderful cups , will make a pretty topper because your mug rugs are adorable


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