Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Stay tuned . . .

Snoodles, Padsworth and DragonDrop are working on a new linky party that you will see here soon!
Here's where the idea came from:

Sometimes at church someone will say, "If someone looked at your life to see if you were a Christian, would there be enough evidence to convict you?"

That's definitely food for thought . . . but it also had me smiling as I thought of this -- as a quilter, would there be evidence in my home to convict me?

Not just the pile of UFOs that we all have . . . I'm talking finished items on display for enjoyment and comfort!

So, snap some photos of your "evidence" and be getting ready -- we are rounding up a sponsor and will have a linky party soon!  (Along with our sponsored prize, Padsworth will be gifting a subscription to OleFrogEyes to our winner!)

You will be able to link to a blog post or to Flickr photos, so everyone can play!



  1. That sounds a fun idea. Not sure if I would be convicted as a lot of my quilts vanish to my daughters homes. Now you mention it I definitely need a couple more quilts for cuddling up with at home.

  2. I have thought about this many times!!!!! Would someone know I was a quilter if they walked into my house (living space - not my studio/sewing space)? Great idea!!!!!!

  3. I like your train of thought!

  4. They would definitely know it walking into my house. LOL

  5. What a fun idea. Let me know how I can help (e.g. PR, anything). Looking forward to it.


  6. Since I have almost finished remodeling my sewing room, you can definitely tell I'm a quilter. They are displayed all over the room. :) Anxious to see what you are going to do!

  7. Not only convict me but lock me up for life and throw away the key!


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