Monday, October 21, 2013

S. O. P.

I'm sure that you've all heard of the term, shameless self-promotion, right?   S.S.P.

I just invented a new one -- S. O. P.

Shameless Offspring Promotion!  (Grin)

My darling daughter has opened her Etsy shop, "CraftOtters", and I hope you will go and take a look!

She only has a few items in her inventory so far, but I think they're cool -- Take a peek!

Wallets, credit card holders . . . what's in a name? They could be used either way!
She takes custom orders, too, so if you have a certain color you love, she can probably accommodate you. You can convo her to see samples of the fabrics she has on hand.

Her wallets are carefully constructed, reasonably priced and very sturdy -- they make great gifts, too.

What I think is uber-clever is that she used the selvage on the sections in the wallets (or credit card holders) to eliminate bulk! They are thin enough to work in almost any pocket!

She's just opened the CraftOtters shop, and I think she has plans for even more goodies . . . I hope you will stop by her shop and maybe "like" it, while you are there!



  1. It is good to brag on your kids! Lets them know you are paying attention and love them!

  2. Very cute! Yes, wishing her great success!

  3. They looks fantastic! Good luck to her!!!

  4. Best of luck to her! They look great. And perfect idea to reduce bulk! No one likes a bulky wallet---unless it's due to too much money. ;)


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