Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Usin' up some scraps (Updated)

Sorry about the silence for the last few days here at the Lilypad . . . some things popped up that needed to be taken care of, so bloggin' had to wait!

I'm back to my machine on my lunch hours now, so I wanted to show you what I'd cooked up! Well, I'm going to show you some of the component parts, anyway.

Dummie here (that's Snoodles) was so excited when the project was finished, that she wrapped it up in the Happy Birthday paper and didn't take a picture of it! Duh.

Remember when I showed you the ginger cat pincushion that went to live with our good friend, Sasha, and her three terrifically handsome orange kitties?  You can click here to see it if you would like to.

That pincushion is made from template in the "It's Quilting Cats and Dogs" book by Lynnette Anderson. I love that book! There are super projects in it. 

My sis made me a wonderful threadcatcher . . . there are thread catchers of all shapes and sizes popping up all over blogland, and I love the idea. And my vacuum loves less thread on the floor to try and conquer! (Grin)

So, I put the pincushion together with a thread catcher! Here is how I rolled:

I used some of the pretty stripe scraps from the Jacquelynne Steves' Happy Town line and made the bag for the threads:

Then I found a scrap of darker orange for the hanger:

Next, I re-purposed some denim from a worn-out pair of jeans for a "rug" for the kitty to sleep on......the circular stitching is supposed to make it look like a braided rug:

Then the kitty himself. Again, some pretty orange scraps from Happy Town, and appliqued paws and stripes:

I'm hoping that the recipient will send me a photo of the finished kitty and threadcatcher, so that I can show you!

UPDATE:  Here are two pictures of the happy kitty in his new home! Happy birthday, sweetheart! Mom and Dad love you with all our hearts!