Thursday, March 28, 2013

Another one bites the dust . . .

Yeah, I know, I'm showing my age . . . after I wrote the title, Padsworth got out the rotary cutter and pretended it was a bass, and DragonDrop was working the drums (spools of thread).  

Well, enough channeling of Queen, let's show you our third Swoon block!!

Love it!

I think the two fat quarters I used for this block are my favorites so far!  (Grin) But then, I always say that!

Here's a close up:

Another one down, and six more to go!

This block is also brought to you by the Bestie QAL


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  1. That is fabulous. I love the colours you chose.

  2. LOL.. Song titles immediately pop into my head when I am writing. But sometimes it is a line from the song.
    And now this is in my head "Steve walks warily down the street, with the brim pulled way down low...."

  3. Very very nice blocks....I just ordered a Swoon kit from Connecting Threads much the same it.

  4. LOOVVVEEE it. My grandson (who is only almost 3) loves Queen.

  5. Oh I love it!!!!! The blue and green look perfect together!!

  6. Another Swoon beauty! These two fabrics have such a harmonious contrast to compliment each other perfectly.

  7. I love this. I have got to make one, that is all there is to it.

    I would rather channel Queen any day than what's going through my head for NO good reason. Ay, ay, ay, ay! oh, I am dee Frito Bandito. I like Frito's Corn Chips. I love them, I do. I want Frito's corn chips. I'll take them, from you.

    I have not touched a Frito Corn Chip in quite a few years. Obviously I am missing some sort of nutrient found only in them. Not. Okay, I'll shut up now!

    Happy Easter to you and the Fambilee!
    Love, Thing I

  8. I remember that song too. You're in good company. I love the colors in this block. Can't wait to see what other ones you come up with.

  9. Is there any better music than the era of Queen?! Love your Swoon blocks and the color combination of this one is lovely. Can see why it's your 'new best favorite'.... until the next one as all your quilt block color combinations are oh-so-pretty.

  10. This is my first visite here and I'm so gald that I found your blog through Sincerely Paula. I love your blog and I love your creations! I'm a new follower here, I'm following you via GFC and bloglovin. I hope that you will visite my blog and if you like my creations I hope that you will considere to follow me back! Nice to meet you!
    Marisa from


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