Friday, July 29, 2011

Some Fine Print about the Giveaway Campaign.....

Please be sure to sign up with Lilypadquilting for the Wantobee A Quilter Campaign, starting on August 1! You can click here to go to the post with the sign-up easy is that!

Your information will be kept safe and secure, I promise! But it has to be in my file, and then in Madame Samm's file, for you to be eligible to win..... you can see all the rules at the post below - just scroll down!

Now, here is the fine-printy stuff.....if you are a winner, we will all happy-dance! (I promise!) And then Madame will ready your package for shipping. You will be asked to pay the shipping for your package....but let me assure you - with all of the wonderful prizes that are up for grabs, the shipping cost will pale by comparison to the value of your winnings!
By now you probably know that you need to "follow" at Stash Manicure, and that you need to mention Lilypadquilting in your comments during the giveaway. 

What you may not know is the the super lady heading this up, gets nothing from all of this! Nada. Zip. Nuttin'. Except the chance to happy-dance with you when you win, and see the joy when you receive your awesome packages (we hope you will blog your package's arrival!). sure to leave Madame Samm some comment lurve when you can -- for her, and for the bodacious sponsors! She is doing this just because she CAN! And you will be amazed at this when it gets rolling....

So, hop on over to our fill-out form, and let's get ready!



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