Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Shades of Julius Caesar!!

To the winner go the spoils!  
Wasn't it Caesar who said that? 
Well, anyway, we are ready for a couple of announcements!

So wrap your toga around you good, clamp your laurel wreath on your curly head, and away we go!!

Ahem. First I would like to say that we are honored and pleased and ever so happy to have boosted our number of followers again....
We did have some requests to see the cake again. (You pitiful know who you are.... LOL)  So, here it is again, just for you:

Alright, now, that's enough! Let's get to the business at hand!

In less than a week, we will announce two new sponsors of Lilypadquilting! Huzza!! And, in addition, we will have a giveaway hosted by one of those new sponsors! 
It is going to knock your sandals off! (Romans did NOT wear socks, you know!) So, you'll need to tune in here to see who our sponsors are, and what is up for grabs!

Are you all ready to find out who our winner is? Who gets the "loot" today! Alrighty!

Mr. Random Number Generator helped us out, because we had lots of comments here on our giveaway post, some more on our post yesterday, and a bunch at Stash, too! Whew! Padsworth and I just about wore out our piggies doing all that counting!

Here is what Mr. Random said:

 Number 402 was Marj! Congratulations, Marj! Here is what she said...

Marj, I'm emailing you to get your snail mail address, and I hope you enjoy your fabrics and prizes! Thanks go out to everyone for playing!

Don't forget to sign up for the Stash Manicure Wantobee A Quilter Campaign, OK? Click here to go to our sign up form - and don't worry, I am NOT going to distribute your info all willy nilly! It will be protected!



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