Monday, June 6, 2011

Spotlight on one of our Quilters!

Today Padsworth and I would like to shine the OleFrogEyes quilting community spotlight on one of our happy quilters: Joy Denise!

Click here to go directly to her gallery - she has SIX different projects going on right now! She is really using the OleFrogEyes site as it was intended! When you land on that page, you can hover over the "Select a Quilt" button, and the drop down menu will show all the names of the quilts she is working on. Check out the wide variety of piecing projects that she has started, and leave her some comment love here, to encourage her on her way.

Better yet, click here to check out her blog - you can say howdy while you are there! You'll see on the right-hand side, the badge for OleFrogEyes. That enables all of Joy Denise's friends to click through and hop over to OleFrogEyes, and see her quilt projects.

We're looking forward to having more of you join us, so that we can see what is on YOUR design wall, these days!



  1. Wow, that farmers wife quilt is amazing!! They are all great but that one wowed me!


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