Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sometimes There is More Than Bills in the Mail!

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Sometimes we quilters get lucky and something FUN comes in the mail....not bills. I thought I would tell you my story and show you what I received......

When we had our giveaway that was part of the SewMamaSew event, we gave away some fat quarters of thirties fabrics (a special love of mine). One of our commenters was Miki, from Miki's Fabric Creations. Ya'll should definitely go check out her blog; her "made" fabric rocks! She mentioned a friend of hers that liked thirties prints, and I love to swap and get new ones that I have not seen, so I bundled up some charm squares and strips and sent them on their way.

Well, when I opened my package from Karin, I was speechless. Blown away. Grateful.
Just feast your eyes on these:

Lots and lots of squares, and wonderful width of fabric strips! Even little "stepping stone" size scraps! Karin was so generous!

Just gaze at those gorgeous colors! And the amazing thing was, I don't have any of these already in my stash! They are all new to me......I just love the really small prints. There are bunnies and kids and florals and...and...oh my! When I looked through the charm squares, there were so many great prints here, too. Look at these in the green palette:

There are huge varieties of red, yellow, lavender! I'm really getting inspired here!

Now, here is where I need some help from my friends and followers: help me out with choosing just the right project or pattern for these luscious fabrics! Leave me a comment and let me know what you think!

And thank you again, Karin! I am so pleased, and so very grateful!



  1. English paper piecing. (My new love. And I am not even going to do hexie flowers.) Maybe a dresden or two?

  2. Here's an idea. I made this quilt with 30's prints, and it is darling.
    Very clever pattern, not assembled how you might think, and no fabric waste. It is a win all the way around.


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