Sunday, November 20, 2022

No need to wait for "Black Friday!"

I have a great sale to tell you about!

When we're full of turkey and pumpkin pie, and we aren't interested in the football game, what's a quilter to do? 

Wash all those dishes? 

Uh, no, I think we have two options here!

Either quilt or shop!!

(I know!! I'm going to shop now and quilt later!)

Thermoweb is one of our fav online stores (yes, I'm an affiliate, so I will make a commission if you shop there, but your price won't change!) and they are ready to rock and roll -- EARLY!! Starting Monday, November 21 . . . .

Black Friday 2022

I'll tell you what I will be doing.... I'm going to shop early at Thermoweb, and take advantage of 30% off everything on their site, and then make this project!

Check this video - this is really fun!

And here's one that will use some of those same fabrics for a lovely Christmas tree:

Here's the product that will make those crafty moments happen:

Thermoweb HeatnBond UltraHold!!

While you are there, check out the all-new gorgeous Hot Foils they just released and make some bodacious cards and other projects! (They're the only exclusion to the 30% sale....)

Now, I hope you will excuse me.

I hafta leave now, so I can scoot over to Thermoweb's Black Friday sale! Come on with me! Everything's 30% off!!

Don't forget to leave a comment and let us know if you have Christmas projects on your machine!



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