Sunday, December 13, 2020

Santa is sewing!



Don't tell anybody else!

Santa is in my sewing room! At least I think so!

Look at all these cute things!

First, since I know the momma won't be looking at this blog, check out these cute bibs for our two month old granddaughter!

Easy, peasy, just two pieces of flannel right sides together, and sew on some velcro! I, er, Santa made seven so there would always be a clean one while the others were washing! (Grin)

Next, look at this embroidery! I can't say who is going to find this under the tree, since sometimes the recipient DOES look at this blog. Heehee!

This is using Jenny Elefantz' Bloom and Weave pattern, and will be turned into a seed organizer. More to come on this one . . . 

And then.

The piece de resistance . . . you have to say that with a French accent, right?

Doll clothes for our other two granddaughters' six inch dollies! (Yes, Mr. Snoodles is sadly outnumbered. But he loves it!) Oh, the fingers ache making these tiny things, but don't they turn out cute?

I'm so glad Santa is in my sewing room!

What's under your needle as Christmas approaches?



  1. Love the doll clothes. My mom used to make some to put under the Christmas tree for me, too.


  2. Dolls clothes, they are so fiddly, yours are beautiful, and I hope they last long enough for the wee girls to truly appreciate your fingers and handwork.

  3. The bibs are sweet. Gotta have them for sure and plenty of them, as you well know. Those tiny doll clothes are making me cringe at their construction. Well done! Barbie doll clothes were small enough for me, I can’t even imagine sewing clothes for a 6 inch doll. WOW, Jacque, your embroidery is fabulous! So nicely done. The seed organizer will be a treasure for its new gardener. Can’t wait to see it finished.

  4. Oh Santa has been busy in your workshop. I love the bibs, your beautify stitchery and the sweet doll clothes. I do hope when you share more about your seed packet organizer you share Seed Pack Organizing Tips For Dummies 101 when you do.

  5. Oh my goodness you are so busy...those bibs are soooo cute and the doll clothes.... Merry Christmas

  6. How was the bib received by the momma of the 2 granddaughters? I bet she loved them!


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