Friday, April 10, 2020

Hope y'all have a happy Easter!

I'm ever so grateful to have all of you blogland friends. Our digital buddies are more important to us now than ever before, no?

I'd like to wish ALL of you a very happy Easter!

For those of you who don't celebrate, I hope that you have a lovely holiday of spring blossoms, warmer breezes, and contentment.

For those of us who do celebrate, I hope that we enjoy a holiday of reverence for the gift our sinless Savior gave; He showed us His endless love by dying on the cross for us; He showed us He was God in man by rising from the grave to offer us eternal life!

I hope everyone will find a way to give a virtual hug to those we love -- we live in an amazing time as far as technology goes! We can phone, skype, FaceTime, and more!

Maybe we can save the egg hunts for later? (Grin)

My wish for y'all is peace, joy, and a time of counting our blessings -- now hurry and find those eggs before the rascally rabbits make off with them!

Much love and Easter joy to all! Stay safe! Stay healthy!



  1. Happy Easter Snoodles, I hope you have a lovely weekend despite the Lockdown. It is defintely a good thing to be alive in this day and age with all our technology to connect with our loved ones when we are unable to be with them, at least they feel a little closer. Stay safe. Hugs & Love, Susie xx

  2. Have a Joyous Easter, and to stay in touch any way we can is a huge bonus we have right now, Facetime, Skype, email, or just plain normal telephone calls are so valuable. There are teddy bears and colouring pages of eggs in so many windows, a delight for the children as they walk with Mums and Dads, count the ones they can find. We have sunshine this Saturday, a clear blue sky, the moon lingers out the window to the west, as I sit at my laptop, Moxy has already climbed onto my shoulder and patted me, " Time for breakfast" he said. XXXX

  3. Have a lovely Easter. Stay Safe.

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